View Full Version : New Testimony Of The Coventry Air Raids Emerges

Christie Brinkley
10-23-2015, 06:36 AM
New testimony has emerged from the survivors of the Coventry blitz which happened on the 15th November 1940 which killed and seriously injured over 1,400.


The morgue was also damaged in the bombings, 808 of the victims had to be buried in mass graves


An estimated 16,000 bombs hit the city.


The first sign that German planes were approaching came from a chorus of dogs barking around the city as they heard the impending danger some minutes ahead of the human population.Within an hour of the first bomb falling, the whole city was alight which led to one witness coining the phrase of “a first-hand view of Hell”.
Reminiscing, another witness said: “It was as if all hell had been let loose that night.
“The constant crash of bombs preceded by that terrifying whistle as they came down, fire engine and ambulance bells ringing, folks shouting, screaming and crying and digging in the ruins, a red glow over all from the flames and the air filled with choking smoke fumes.”
One of those to have passed her memories on to the author was Jean Taylor, who had been celebrating becoming a teenager when the raid began.


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