View Full Version : `Video shows woman’s miraculous escape from gunman in Paris attacks...`

11-19-2015, 10:49 PM
`Surveillance footage from La Casa Nostra restaurant captures terrifying scene`

`It was a typically lively Friday night at La Casa Nostra restaurant in Paris. Men and women were eating and drinking at tables, both inside and out, on an unseasonably warm fall evening. Behind the bar, a pair of staffers were chatting away, laughing.
Then the glass began to shatter.`
`Video footage from three surveillance cameras —`

`In another, a gunman can be seen standing over a woman who had ducked under a table outside, pointing his gun at her and appearing to squeeze the trigger.
But the gun, which appears to be a Kalashnikov, does not fire, and seconds later the unidentified woman stands up and runs away. The gunman then disappears from view, though a car — believed to be one used by the attackers — is seen parked by the curb.
The entire assault lasted less than a minute, but for those who were at the cafe on Friday night, their haunting memories will no doubt last much, much longer.`