View Full Version : Multi-Attack Exercise Planned Before Attacks In Paris

Christie Brinkley
11-21-2015, 08:26 PM
SAMU (Urgent Medical Aid Service) took part in an exercise called "the white plan" simulating multi-site terror attacks in Paris before the attacks took place in the afternoon of 13th November.

Patrick Pelloux who is a physician and specialist of emergency medical services spoke on French radio and said

As luck would have it, in the morning at the Paris SAMU a multi-site attack exercise had been planned


Once again a training exercise takes place 'coincidentally' happening at the same time of the attacks just like what happened during the 9/11 attacks, 7/7 attacks and the Madrid bombings in 2004.

Dress Rehearsal by the Paris SAMU That Morning
On the morning of the attack, the emergency response teams at the Paris SAMU had conducted a rehearsal of the White Plan, simulating multisite terrorist attacks. This extraordinary timing suggests a maximum alert level, rather than an astonishing coincidence.