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11-25-2015, 02:51 AM
And I agree with him. Worldwide coalition - massive bombs - keep dropping them over and over and over and over and over. Sure, we may see some independent ISIS assholes striking around the world, and we would have anyway. Kill them if they don't kill themselves. Continue to bomb the shit out of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Eventually the problem will be solved. If boots on the ground, send in a couple million muslims to kill their brothers that went astray. If not, they can help drop bombs too.


One of America’s most successful four-star generals, David Petraeus, has warned against sending American troops to fight in what he seems to feel is a dangerous game full of peril and pitfalls in Syria.

The retired general and former CIA director, who was caught up in a scandal involving his former biographer and mistress, told PBS host Charlie Rose that Syria might be “a Humpty Dumpty that can’t be put back together again.”

Petraeus also said keeping American boots on the ground in that part of the world is “not sustainable.”

“I would not at this point,” Petraeus told Rose. “Again, you need to have a hold force that has legitimacy in the eyes of people that has to be Sunni Arab forces.” He also said it “should not be” American forces.

While the general does think there is a place for the U.S. in Syria, he warns that there isn’t any coalition of friendly forces there stable enough to handle the extremely volatile situation.

“No, I think a lot of groups have a stake, obviously, in what the outcome is there, and one of the challenges is going to be to get legitimate representatives of these different groups. One to have the challenges right now is there is no unified political leadership of the Sunni Arabs in Syria,” he said.

But Petraeus said that he wouldn’t take action right now in Syria, where Russian forces are aggressively going after rebels trying to overthrow the current regime.

“I would make sure that there is a headquarters established, a joint task force, say, up in Incirlik or up in Turkey, that is unifying all of the efforts in Syria under a combined joint task force commander,” the general said, then noted that this commander is currently Lt. Gen. Sean MacFarland.

“He is now the three-star [general] in charge of this overall campaign and making sure that his organizational architecture and all the relationships — the command, support and operational relationships — are sorted effectively is yet another issue that probably needs to be reexamined as we look at what could be done in the wakes of the attacks in Paris,” the general said.