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11-28-2015, 03:31 PM
Had to take my Abby girl to the vet this AM. She has an outbreak of feline herpes. So she is sneezing and snorting and has eye goop. New vet is very nice and has reasonable office fees. So my little girl now has gotten a shot of antibiotics and has eye ointment and an immune booster supplement to be given at home. Stress of the season I guess. She should be feeling better in a day or so. http://www.debatepolicy.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=8003&stc=1

11-28-2015, 04:45 PM
Awwwww :( Hope she gets to feeling better quick!!

Black Diamond
11-28-2015, 04:47 PM
Oh man. Beautiful animal

11-28-2015, 05:00 PM
Of course I think all my babies are beautiful. She is a pretty girl