View Full Version : Islamic radicals kids

12-27-2015, 08:43 AM
I remember seeing many videos of kids being taught by Mickey Mouse, and Mickey teaching them how the Jews were bad. This was in Palestine I believe. Saw another where they were teaching kids how to fight with knives. India? Another where they teach them to strap on suicide vests, many places. I saw a few times this year where they taught the children how to shoot the infidels on film. This morning I was horrified to see a video of 4 kids doing the video and talking, and then they sawed off a guys head with military knives.

This has been going on for a long, long time in many places. And who do we see speaking out against such things? Who is criticizing the folks teaching them around the world? Which Imams are going national and setting things straight and this kind of activity has to stop? Which leaders from those countries? International leaders exposing this stuff?

Lots of arguments about how many islamic radicals there are around the world. At least those thinking it's a higher number, tend to speak out and condemn. Those that want to seemingly minimize the numbers, coincidentally never condemn the never ending and growing attacks. And now there's already little terrorists being made, already cutting off heads and shooting folks in the head.