View Full Version : What's for lunch?

01-08-2016, 11:34 AM
I never eat breakfast, very rarely. Same with lunch, very rarely. I always eat a decent dinner, but well proportioned. But then I take my medication at 8pm, and it makes me hungry by 9pm, and then I invade the refrigerator and devour everything in sight that is not a vegetable!

Maybe if I'm not starving myself all day I won't be as hungry late at night. The only thing that sounds good is McDonalds! But I don't dare, hence me not eating lunch. Or cold cuts, salami and turkey mainly, and either one of course has to have provolone to go with it. The salami and provolone MUST have mustard with it. The turkey/provolone MUST have mayo. But the woman doesn't always stock the meats.

So what do I do for lunch time? Gimme some ideas!