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Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
01-15-2016, 12:02 AM
Monkey Eating Figs

Monkey Eating Figs
----------------------------------------------------------- by Robert J. Lindley

There was a monkey on my back eating figs,
Screaming, cursing as sunlight hit its beady eyes,
Slowly this thought came to my sleepy head,
Be calm, let the beast finish its meal
For even imaginary beasts have to feed in peace
Perhaps he is a god in another form. A spirit
seeking to play a game. He must have a purpose.

Go on you apparition, take my bedroom,
Try on my clothes, use my comb and live. Sally forth
into a kitchen filled with good food.
Let familiarity become your stock and trade,
while I seek to please your vanity. Call out
for the gold hidden in my books, the treasures
resting in my over crammed brain,
Search for my key to Pandora's box.

A calm resolve eased over my soul,
could this be my chance to step back,
Look inward to find another opened door
Laughter burst forth like series of cannon shots
Yes,there came a marching band on street parade
Hold on now, the ride is about to get good!
Suddenly darkness exploded everywhere.

There was a monkey dreaming of a man on his back,
silly dream the monkey thought as it laughed heartily
Men are such nasty beasts, with such savagery
Why ever carry one around so?

Robert J. Lindley Oct 20th 1991

Note : Free verse written in 1991.
From my private journal. Care to guess what it meant??
I remember, remember it so very well.
Copyright 2016 Robert Lindley

Tonight it dawn upon my soul, that the man and the monkey are the one and the same.
Ahh, better late than never I suppose and that does now explain my great love for banana pudding methinks. ;)
Insight gained from hindsight , always a shock and too often does little good....--Tyr