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Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
02-19-2016, 06:41 PM
My Collaboration Poems Thread
Decided since I have been asked so often to write with other poets that I'd place those poems
composed by myself and another poet here.
Will likely move all my other (previous) collaborations into this thread over the next few weeks.
I have been asked this month alone to do 9 other collaborations but turn all down for various reasons. -Tyr

Our Midnight The Unseen Within

Silent unto our sense, yet musical
With eternal harmony, they move
About our darkened vision, the beautiful ones,
Angels of destiny.

Pale with the dawn, sun-golden with the noontide,
They mingle with our moments;
There is no sadness that they do not share,
No night they are not near.

Even as flowers that scent the roving winds
With fragrant incantations, - flowers unseen,
That loose the largess of their beauteous dreams,
Even so are they.

Bequeathing endlessly for our delight
The gifts we spurn, the secret revelations
Would make us in our needless misery
True kindred of the Soul,-

A holy kiss to marry us with light,
These sheens where cherubins loose their waxxen wings;
Shear the shadows where fear is oft found,
And quell doubt like a startled imposter

A righteous device to lead us home.....
A wanton wind to soothe the wayward ails;
A flame-cold but bright to illume every wan,
We sleep unbeguiled, where angels tread

What secret shadows skulk to maim?
Strip our bones to sudden death?
Move they winnowed and tarried -----
Helpless to the winged, swift eye

A keepsake (say many) beat of feather;
Hope gives us peace in those hallowed hills,
Where the angels sing like larks and cry a tear of love:
(Our midnight)

POSTED 2-20-2016

First 16 lines written by Robert Lindley
Last 16 by Keith O.J. Hunt

Edit- 2-21-2016-- This poem was chosen as Poem of the Day at our poetry site. Chosen next day after it was presented.-TYR

Edit- 3-01-2016- This also poem went to number 34 on top hot one hundred list at my poetry site.

Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
02-27-2016, 12:05 AM
New collab -first draft of my first half of the poem.-Tyr

The Vision Appears

About her beauty in grey zones
The wind is whirling, and we seem
To hear its music as it drones,
Now loud, now soft as in a dream.
She bendeth like a willow tree
Swayed of the wind right joyously;
The purple blossoms overhead
Are dancing as they have no dread
Of the wild blast that blows her dress
Into a maze of loveliness,
And makes her black soft-lined hood
A welcome covert for her wise
And winsome face.
O, it were good
To give her shelter, watch her eyes
Laughing, and hear the noble way,-

Robert J. Lindley 2-26-2016

finish with 16 verses my friend

Robert J. Lindley and Teppo Gren

Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
03-04-2016, 10:39 AM
Upon Misty Morning's Fast Fading Glow

Upon misty morning's fast fading glow,
dance fairies on glittering silver wings.
Flying with fantasies flowing in tow
And sweetest joy such dancing often brings.

Above their heads the rising sun awaits,
its morning sun's time for shining anew.
If fairies are seen, man then contemplates,
dreaming depths of that rare mystical clue.

As dancing wings fast flutter to depart,
one ponders glistened myriads of fate.
Sadness beating in dreams of every heart,
with embellished scenes of day's opened gates.

Upon that vanishing flash time cries out,
woe to he that simply waits upon me!
Free living is what life is all about.
Life taking dire chances is living free-

In those windless breezes summer moon shines,
In the deep dark no more secrets to dread,
The grave beginnings we have all kept live ----
Weeping misery and ancient-kept death

The mountains moan, the mountains moan! ---- as babes!
Those creepy-crawly mists fade to fortune;
Wondrous winds in a panting night do tame ----
The fevered child once wan with vacant love

A horn Gabriel shall blow through pink clouds ----
And sleeping stars bring life with bright-night-light
A world to shine and illume all year round;
Broods of good company and simple delights

The morn shall pass and with it mad darkness,
The heavens death cannot roam freely so;
Old Lucifer, huffing and puffing red!
Upon misty morning's fast fading glow.

Robert J. Lindley and Keith O.J. Hunt, 3-04-2016

First 16 lines written by Robert Lindley
Last 16 lines written by Keith O.J. Hunt

Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
03-06-2016, 10:18 PM
My next collaboration. Have not yet decided which of the 5 poets to offer this one to.
All 5 have jumped at the chance every time I offered in the last 6 months .
And all five are excellent poets themselves.

To Her, Memories Are All I Have Now

To her, this poem is all I dare write
such a sad, short and rhyming little note.
Reminder of our love and that first night,
I assailed her castle, jumping her moat.

Nothing held back, passion in deepest bloom,
not the stars above or her futile plea.
We both found glory in that hot bedroom,
below a picture of ships tossed at sea.

And where the wind meets the mighty starlight,
moon shines down its glistening lover's glow.
We found earthly jewels and pure delight,
as crystal and pure as wind driven snow.

My love, I send this poem out just to you.
Know my true love lay still deeper inside,
with sweet memories and that touch you do.
Not in bitter pain's loss and selfish pride-

Robert J. Lindley, 3-06-2016

First half-16 verses
Do second half in 16 verses in rhyme abab, ten syllables.