View Full Version : A rant- but naked truth abides within..

Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
05-06-2016, 10:30 AM
Americans are being taught that civic duty, honor, any Christian based morality and/or patriotism is wrong and clearly deserves to be punished.
That has been being taught in our schools as if its a religion. Which it is to these leftists, libs/dems.
We are in a war with these people yet we rarely fight back!
And that refusal to fight back got us one sorry bastard named obama!
A living breathing piece of human waste that has done more lasting damage, in shorter amount of time, to this nation than any war ever has IMHO.
Now we yet again face another nation destroying monster coming from these crazy dem loons-- the hitlery piece of shit.

Time to actively fight back with votes--if not - then later (when its too damn late to win) you will be forced by these nazi's to fight in the streets for your very survival.
They want that complacency and that easy to follow non-confrontational path to continue to be taken by those they plan on destroying
as it gives them time to amass overwhelming power , numbers and allies to win..

Think about it--it is truly a war being waged upon us and their greatest tactic/strategy is to keep that war from being realized by us until its just too damn late.
They've largely succeeded so far in doing just that . A fact...-TYR