View Full Version : The sexiest photo - perhaps of all time

07-14-2016, 04:52 AM
That whole '1000 words' thing. What words come to your mind when you see this:


I see the essence of intimacy. I see the peaceful fulfillment of what love was meant to be. I see the pinnacle of desire, acceptance, and vulnerability.

Sometimes when we are lying in bed, I look down at your shoulder blades. I follow their soft slope down your arms to find your delicate hand locked into mine.

There is both a softness and a strength behind the shapes of your body.

The rounded lines almost tell lies, but I know the endurance they have faced. I know the weight they have lifted—the hardships can’t be seen on the canvas of your skin, but I know they are there, just an inch below.

We can’t describe our lives as anything less than blessed. We’ve had our share of turmoil, but we have always persevered. There was the fight that nearly tore us apart because you needed more, and I was too stubborn to see it, and the days we were under financial strain and ate nothing but ramen noodles. The clashing of my introvert and your extrovert self has left us at an impasse on how to spend our Saturday nights, but it’s nothing we can’t overcome.