View Full Version : Do we want the truth? Do we want to learn? To believe?

07-26-2016, 06:25 AM
"According to the brain, goodness is determined by familiarity, truthfulness whether or not you're comfortable with it, whether or not you've encountered it. If its new its suspicious; if it is not instantly understandable, it its probably wrong. See, here's the problem with that - what does that turn today into? If we are operating on automatic - what odes it want to turn today into? An 'Instantly understandable variation of yesterday'. If I'm being operated by my brain, then today will look like yesterday, and tomorrow will look about like today, and day after tomorrow that will look about like tomorrow. The Brain doesn't WANT anything new. See, if nothing new is gonna happen, what's the difference between that and being dead?"

We only discover the truth - and God IS truth - because He chooses to be discovered - in and through people like the servant Rhoda.

People didn't believe Rhoda. They thought she was crazy. A liar. Only she new the truth.