View Full Version : Steelers' Le'Veon Bell suspension reduced by 1 game

08-20-2016, 01:05 PM
What an effing dumbass. I'm glad that it was reduced, but that's still 3 games to start the season that he will hurt us. And one of them is against Cincy, and we need to kill those bastards. It's bad enough when a young player gets suspended for something stupid, but worse when stupid enough to do it a second time. I'm sure his teammates aren't quite fond of him right now. He better come back and light up the field if he expects to make it up. Fan or no fan, it pisses me off when someone gets millions for this shit and then go out and be retarded. ANd the other knucklehead, could have been a star WR for the entire NFL, and certainly looked great last year - gone for the whole season. :(


Pittsburgh Steelers running back LeíVeon Bell had his suspension reduced (AP).

Bell was slated to miss the first four games, but now he is eligible to return in Week 4 against the Kansas City Chiefs, which could end up being a key game in the AFC pecking order between two 2015 playoff teams.

He will miss the Weeks 1-3 games ó at Washington Redskins, vs. Cincinnati Bengals and at Philadelphia Eagles.

Bell had his suspension reduced by a game last year ó from three to two games ó but will start the season out of action again. He missed the first two games last season for an earlier substance abuse violation before being knocked out for the remainder of the campaign with a knee injury.

He then apologized via a Twitter video ó and said it would be the final time heíd speak on the matter.

The Steelers were rumored to be discussing a long-term contract extension with Bell before the draft, and he famously dropped a $15-million-per-year hint over the summer. That feels far-fetched now. The team canít be thrilled that its star back will start the season on the shelf for preventable reasons for a second straight year, this one heading into a contract season.

Bell disputed his reason this time around for reportedly entering Stage 3 of the NFLís substance abuse program, which appeared to be over a missed test, and boasted that he would not miss any action. We know now that wonít happen. But is it possible that Bell proved that he lost his cell phone, which was the reason why he missed a scheduled drug test? That could have allowed the NFL to take slight pity on him and knock one game off.