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12 officers injured, fires set, as protests break out in Charlotte after police fatally shoot man

Police in Charlotte, N.C., shot and killed a black man they said was armed outside an apartment complex on Tuesday, setting off violent protests that continued late into the night and left two dozen people injured. The officer involved was also black, police told The Washington Post.

A large crowd of demonstrators gathered near the scene of the shooting Tuesday evening to protest the killing of Keith Lamont Scott, who was fatally shot by a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officer earlier in the day. The demonstrations began peacefully, with some people chanting “black lives matter” and “hands up, don’t shoot.” News reports and posts on social media later showed police in riot gear firing tear gas and rubber bullets at the demonstrators and some people smashing out the windows of police cars.

Early Wednesday morning, protesters shut down traffic on Interstate-85. Some protesters opened up the backs of tractor trailers, took out boxes and set them on fire in the middle of the highway, WSOC-TV reported. The station spoke to one truck driver who said people stole cargo from her trailer. Police reportedly used flash grenades to break up the crowd and had cleared the highway by early morning.


Charlotte faces aftermath of protests ignited by police shooting; 12 officers injured

All lanes of Interstate 85 were reopened early Wednesday but still littered with some rocks and glass after a night of protests over an officer-involved shooting of an African-American man in the University City area. The officer was also African-American.

Twelve police officers were injured Tuesday night in a series of clashes, and reports were coming in early Wednesday of motorists on Interstate 85 being hurt and their vehicles damaged when protestors threw rocks, bottles and traffic cones off interstate overpasses onto traffic below.

At least seven of the police officers needed to be hospitalized after the clashes, including one who was hit in the face with a rock.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts sent out a message on Twitter early Wednesday, noting: “I will continue to work with our manager and (police) chief...We are reaching out to community to ask for calm.”

In addition to Interstate 85, protestors attacked and looted the Walmart on North Tryon Street at about 3:30 a.m. The store was closed early Wednesday, with wooden pallets piled in front of the doors and shopping carts blocking the driveway into the lot.

Three or more tractor trailer trucks were stopped and looted on Interstate 85, and at least two fires were started on the interstate, as the protestors burned items taken from the trucks.

Motorists were reportedly stuck on Interstate 85 for hours at the height of the protests, which ignited at a time when the nation has seen a spate of police shootings of black men, which has led to protests from Ferguson, Mo., to Tulsa to Chicago and started the Black Lives Matter movement.

Police have not released details on how many people were arrested, but some media outlets were reporting five people were taken into custody. The neighborhood where the incident occurred was quiet Wednesday, aside from a large media presence.


Protesters break into Walmart after shutting down part of I-85

CHARLOTTE, NC - Protesters headed to the Walmart on N. Tryon in the University area after shutting down Interstate-85 at WT Harris Blvd. early Wednesday morning following the shooting death of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott.

Officers in riot gear blocked the entry to Walmart after it was broken into. Employees could be seen sweeping up shattered glass at the front entrance.

One employee told FOX 46 Charlotte some technology was stolen including, a flat screen television and iPads.


‘We Out Like The Taliban!’ Charlotte Citizens Riot After Police Shooting

Charlotte, N.C., erupted into a riot Tuesday night after hundreds of people gathered to protest the fatal shooting of a black man.

According to police, officers were serving a warrant when they encountered Keith Lamont Scott in his car. Police say Scott got out of his car with a gun and was shot because he posed an immediate threat.

But, according to demonstrators on the scene and supporters online, Scott was a disabled man who was simply holding a book and was no threat when he was gunned down. Soon after the shooting, people began to gather, and they soon swelled to a crowd of hundreds and began clashing with riot police.

“We out like the Taliban!” one rioter could be heard crying on a Facebook Live broadcast of the protests, shortly after tear gas canisters were fired into the crowd. After 11 p.m., the situation grew more severe, with several people successfully trashing a police SUV.


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Here we go again, time to bust shit up :rolleyes:


During protests in Charlotte, North Carolina, over the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, CBS affiliate WBTV captured footage of protesters jumping on and damaging a police cruiser.

Go here to watch - http://www.breitbart.com/video/2016/09/20/watch-charlotte-protesters-jump-damage-police-cruiser/

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It's these protests I will never understand. Armed Black guy shot by a Black Cop. Racist!

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The protest derailed into a riot. It's wrong. Even if it's wrong, we need to find societal solutions because this won't be the last.

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I have CNN on in the background and I just heard them say that this guy got out of his car with a handgun? If so...

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White people protesting.


Animals protesting.


Blacks protesting.