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Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
10-21-2016, 05:39 PM
An Invitation To Poe's Dark Prison

An Invitation To Poe's Dark Prison

When you walk in those nether worlds
no more bikini's, no more girls.
Just darkness eating away at light
every long corridor too damn tight.

Back there, will your heart hurt
cut the bone, bleed and spurt?
Rake your corpse, waiting its rot
endless sleep give it a dark shot.

You know, mortal life is a dream
curse you wear in another stream.
Light holds you in its sad sway
follow us into a dark realm's way.

Here evil rules without a fight
ripping claws gouge out your sight.
No pain, as death rests within you
armored vicious body, all brand new.

Hidden wings sprout to let you fly
into a dark and transforming sky.
Toast if you come, may you dare
nobody leaves, all is a nightmare.

This shadow realm, holds its dark
no fire exists, not even a spark.
Fantasy swims, in its morbid way
Soul is dead yet it yearns to play.

Black deepness inhales each soul
bringing new flesh is our goal.
Dare if you must, eternity with us
eating victims we rarely discuss.

Know before you leap into our pit
we are the darkness in every fit.
We exist and blood we cry for more
deny your prayer, open our door.

Our raging master we know as Poe
blasted here, how he doesn't know.
Once blood and flesh he was graven
heart and soul ate with the Raven.

Every night he moans Annabel Lee
and each door tries his black key.
None open and he cries in sad rage
why, O' why hold me in this cage?

Then to our blood thirsty delight
Poe bellows, we eat flesh tonight.
Then he mounts a red, fiery throne
sits there gnawing on an arm bone.

Now we wait your first hungry urge
the ache for flesh starts to surge.
Weeping will never stop its spasms
flesh waits in these hellish chasms.

Poe now wakes his Raven to guide
you have not a safe place to hide.
We feel joy as your heart goes black
soon your beast will be on track.

Tonight you'll be his Annabel Lee
your soul he holds never to free.
Soon you will forget that sad place
his touch makes hideous your face.

A door opens, we hear your flight
your arrival, his greatest delight.
Yet again he will dine with you
rotten flesh you'll both then chew!


Copyright Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

A friend asked me to post this again...

Shades of Poe , Speaketh

Shades of Poe , Speaketh

Shades of Poe oft run in my veins
dark, dirty little splashing stains
No Raven stirs my battered heart
nor any signs on my astrology chart

Dark mysteries seep in at night
shadowed beings birthing fright
Muffled sounds sent to alarm
evil crying to scare and harm

Then my soul cries out to Poe
help me now , for you must know
Remedy for this sad affliction
a spell to give quick eviction

Reply creeps slowly back to me
close your eyes to sadly see
Darkness that drives men mad
such my heart and soul once had

No cure can by me be so gifted
you need Light to be so uplifted
My words are my aid little as is
answer you seek can only be His
Son of Light only can save you
my darkness left me only that clue!

Robert J. Lindley 10-12-2014

note: Tis' the month the Dark spreads
its evil mists to kids tucked in beds,
scary voices crying muffled shouts,
battles and shadowed little bouts,
goblins, ghouls and witches now abound
imagine such and they are then found!

Copyright Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2014