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10-25-2016, 06:32 PM
Some will say I told you so, some will say that the General doesn't know what he's talking about.


Gen. Boykin: Radical Muslims Plan 'To Infiltrate Every Element of Our Society, Including the Church'

During a discussion about radical Islam and how its followers seek to damage the United States, Lt. Gen. (ret.) William G. "Jerry" Boykin, former head of Special Operations Command, noted the jihadist document "Explanatory Memorandum," which was uncovered in 2004, and said the radical Islamists plan to "infiltrate every element of our society, including the church."

"It's a five-phase plan to take over America," said Boykin at the Breaking the Silence conference in August in Colorado Springs. "It's unfolding right now. Now, there are more specific plans that they have for how they're going to take over. And as Kamal Saleem [a former jihadist] said, they're going to infiltrate every element of our society, including the church."

In the lead up to those remarks, a panelist asked about the document. Gen. Boykin explained that it was uncovered during a federal investigation of fundraising for the terrorist group Hamas and the Holy Land Foundation.

“It’s called the Explanatory Memorandum," said Boykin. "It was found in 2004 in Annandale, Virgina, in the basement of the guy that ultimately was discovered was – what would you say? – operations officer for the Muslim Brotherhood. They found this Explanatory Memorandum. In the book, that John [Guandolo] was part of writing that book – the book is called Sharia: The Threat – and there’s a copy of it [Explanatory Memorandum] in there. It lays out a five-phase plan."

"John mentioned it vaguely earlier," said Boykin. "It’s a five-phase plan to takeover America. Now, it’s broad in nature but if you’ll look at it you’ll say, ‘Holy mackerel, they’re doing this.’ It’s unfolding right now."

"Now there are more specific plans that they have for how they’re going to take over," said the general. "And as Kamal said, they’re going to infiltrate every element of our society, including the church."

Boykin, who is the executive vice president of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., then mentioned a pastor he knows who discovered that a Muslim convert was, in fact, a plant in his church, a spy for the radical Islamists.

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10-25-2016, 06:49 PM
This sounds strangely similar to the plan the Evil Commies had to take over America... and the world.

Seem like someone's working from an old script.

10-25-2016, 07:31 PM
Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. "Jerry" Boykin, a conservative Christian, serves as Family Research Council's Executive Vice President.

Retired General William “Jerry” Boykin had a long military career, much of it spent in charge of special forces units. So why would his selection as a speaker at West Point be controversial?
Almost ten years ago, when Boykin was still on active duty, he generated criticism for public comments, given while he was in uniform, indicating that he saw U.S. military engagement in religious terms, as “our God” (Christian) vs. Satan or the “idol” God he said was worshipped by Muslims. It was widely feared that such comments could endanger U.S. troops.
Boykin was criticized publicly by then-President George W. Bush and in a 2004 report by the Pentagon’s inspector general; critics worried that his remarks could put servicemembers’ lives in jeopardy by suggesting that the American military saw regional conflicts in religious terms.
Since he retired, Boykin became an ordained minister and has been a regular speaker at Religious Right and right-wing events, where he has not only demonized Muslims, but also claimed that since Islam is not a religion but a “totalitarian way of life,” and since Muslims are under an “obligation to destroy our Constitution,” American Muslims are not protected under the First Amendment’s guarantees of religious liberty. More explicitly, he said there should be no mosques allowed in America.