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Korean War Poem

The poem A Warriors Blood In His Old Age by Robert J. Lindley is about older veterans of the Korean war.
It focuses on the mentality that makes them warriors, the strength that is required of such a person. How the war has affected them and how they live in old age. Life as an older veteran is tough, humbling, and can be lonely. They have endured war and many fellow veterans have passed away. Veterans live a very different life back at home. For them it can be a lonely world, without all of the adrenaline of a combat zone and not many who can relate to them. It is hard for them to find a similar sense of purpose. Lindley expresses that we do not always give them enough credit or understanding. This poem consists of five stanzas, each with four lines containing two sentences. The poet repeats the first stanza at the end of the poem. The first and last two lines of each stanza rhyme. This poem emphasizes a warrior’s spirit, as each stanza ends with an exclamation mark. Capturing the intensity of the warrior spirit. A common theme in the poem used to represent the amount of sacrifice in a warriors life is the word blood. Lindley writes about the bloodshed that soldiers undergo in combat, they sacrifice a lot for their country. Lindley seems to be sending the message that if civilians paid more attention to veterans, their lives and our lives would be better. We cannot forget that as a society we live as a whole, we affect each others lives a lot more than we think. It is important to remember the Korean war.

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Korean War veteran Albert Medeiros, 83, served in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War, he now lives in the Charlestown retirement community in Catonsville. (Monica Herndon/Baltimore Sun Media Group)

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The author of that analysis shown in photo, was dead on correct in his analysis.
As that was the message I sought to convey. That we fail to give the respect and gratitude these warriors deserve and often truly need!
My three best friends in life were all much older men, each a war veteran.
I gathered much insight into the sacrifice and pain they endured, yet never could I relate it all, my having not felt it.
Yet in verse, perhaps I could reveal a bit and hopefully make others aware.--Tyr

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She never was one to fight
deep depths of rage laced with pain
There were darkness some nights
and red blotches that made a heavy stain

Below was the dreaded empty pit
lair to monsters in ravenous need
Fear ate her heart but she would not admit
her desire to jump on in to feed

Black thoughts raced into her longing mind
where strong currents were fed
There she could walk about naked and blind
or defeat the monsters in her head

Night leaps forth, her hands grew razor claws
she has raw red-meat between her hungry jaws

Robert J. Lindley
© 5 months ago, Robert J. Lindley


The Woodland Goddess
The Woodland Goddess

Thy mystic news from out the Invisible
Would save all men, were they but content to dwell
In lowly station, proud to share the power
That shapes the world in secret, hour by hour.

Her rosy fingers touched the ancient words
And lo! they quivered with the ecstasy
Of crimson bloom, sun-glances, caroling birds,
On forested green island waking into glee.

R.J. Lindley,
April 17th, 1973
Long ago, I wrote with spirit, imagination and high hopes that in 40 years the world would be much, much better.
Now reality reveals the futility of that hope.
© 5 months ago, Robert J. Lindley


A Poem On Quotes

A Poem On Quotes

A quote can inspire others to fame
words to so fiercely spirit tame
Compassion stabbed out with a pen
heart cracked open , sacrifice then

Never fear to gift hope to others
think of love, as in our mothers
Take bits of wisdom to freely share
ladder be damned , take the stairs

Record good thoughts to inspire joy
leave those to help but not annoy
Angels see our souls often laid bare
they rejoice when we unselfishly share

Think of others with poetic shared words
Yes, fly we can, it is not just for the birds

Robert J. Lindley 07-25-2014

My Seven Poetry Quotes
1.To show heart, wisdom and compassion write poetry and
write it often!
by Robert J. Lindley

2. Ink the pen, share with all that will read then.
by Robert J.Lindley

3. If a drug you must have, choose poetry and generosity.
by Robert J. Lindley

4.To slay the beast deny its feast by writing
food for thought and savor spiritual inspiration.
by Robert J. Lindley

5. Write to save your soul, always a worthy goal.
by Robert J.Lindley

6. Poetry saves lives as does frequent hand washing.
by Robert J. Lindley

7. Hope appeared, poetry was born!
by Robert J. Lindley

Over the decades on paper I very often did sign these
quotes at the end of my writes.
One I left off this list now was during my "bad " years
it was,
"Poetry is Death and Torture with a SOFT FEATHER
and no sleep."

© Robert Lindley 2016 . All Rights Reserved.





A Haiku......


fallen fruit exists
earthen harvest and ground meet
jars in the pantry

Robert J. Lindley ,07-24-2014

© Robert Lindley 2016 . All Rights Reserved.







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Written by: Robert Lindley
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Love, Betrayal and Dirty Dishes

Love, Betrayal and Dirty Dishes

I ate from your welcoming glitter plate
touches easing my restless soul.
Desperate, in love praying, not too late
never saw two eyes black as coal.

There were sweet drugs in your soft words
and dancing steps in your walk.
I flew with you, flew with soaring birds
heaven closer each time we talk.

Now, I hang my sad head in deepest shame
as friends point out how you used.
Seeing contempt at how you played the game
that left me so miserable and bruised.

Now your dirty plate sits in a closet still.
Force myself, to lock it there against my will!

Robert J. Lindley , 09-26 -2015

Note- Sonnet on deep betrayal and blindness that
love brings.
Based on a sad reality for me many decades ago..





Creator: A Christian Poetry Collection
by Kim Bond (Goodreads Author)
5.0 of 5 stars 5.00 · rating details · 1 rating · 0 reviews
Creator: A Christian Poetry Collection includes over 20 incredible poems by poets Jan Allison, Jeanne Beaumont, Faye Gibson, Jay Harding, Judy K. Haught, Joyce Johnson, Richard Lamoureux, Robert Lindley, Antony Mark, Stephan Mcbride, Liam Mcdaid, Brenda Meier-Hans, Casarah Nance, Kimmy Nelson, Regina Riddle, Isaac Thomas, Leon Wilson, Dave Wood, and more! Draw nearer to ou ...more

Published March 24th 2015 by Smashwords Edition
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Creator: A Christian Poetry Collection
by Kim Bond (Goodreads Author)

Total of 30 poems by a total of 15 poets
0f that total of 30 , twelve poems (one-third presented) are mine.
I had nothing to do with the choosing and listing
the majority being mine.
Here are the poems I authored.
In order as they are presented at the linked site...-Tyr

1. God Sends Promises and Love
2. We Loved Her In Vain
3. Soul Seeks Its Maker
4. The Curves Of Those Sensual Lips
5. As Midnight Moon Shines Upon Her Eyes
6. The Morning Sun Speaks
7. Ten Years Today, Our Love
8. Longing For You
9. Falling Into Her Vision From The Start
10. The Priest with Spirited Eyes
11. As We Cry In The Darkness
12. The Rare Moment


The Birds, They Were So Silent

11-15-2016, 08:39 PM
Thank you!
Looking at them I see them at their 20s and it makes me melancholy...