View Full Version : DIY situation or just sell out the cash for the premade ones?

12-13-2016, 03:50 PM
I have about 3 miles worth of wire fencing for my pastures on 11acres. One of the wires is charged by a 6 joule/100 mile AC/electric charger to keep the horses from leaning on the lines.
Once in a while the wires get knocked out of their supports from the horses messing around and kicking it or tails get caught, etc.
This makes them ground out on the steel t-posts.
Since i dont always have time to do a complete fence line check of the whole property (especially when we have had a lot of snow), is there something simple i can put on the charged line that i can see from a good distance to let me know the lines are operational and be cost effective?
There are a few products out there already but they generally run $30+ each. I would rather not spend that much on each for as many as i would need, which would be at least 10 of them to tag each section.

I am willing to put something together myself if necessary.
Thanks in advance!