View Full Version : Very Good Interview of Gary Sinise and What He's Doing For Vets

12-16-2016, 07:00 PM
Awesome guy and actor, that he hails from Chicago area is just bonus.


In Features, Magazine by RI MagazineDecember 7, 2016
When America failed its veterans after Vietnam, the nation compounded the mistakes of an already tragic era, making millions of soldiers and their families feel like their sacrifices had been in vain.

Gary Sinise has spent his life fighting to ensure that this terrible period in our history doesnít repeat itself. He has parlayed his fame and fortune into the Gary Sinise Foundation, raising awareness for veteransí
issues and building homes for the wounded veterans who need it most.


It is fitting that the face of veteran plight in popular culture turned out to be Gary Sinise. By the time Sinise took on the role of Lt. Dan in 1994ís Forrest Gump, he had already been actively engaged in volunteering and raising awareness for veteran causes for over a decade. His poignant portrayal of Lt. Dan, wounded in Vietnam and forgotten when he returned home, helped shine a light on a dark period in American history and issue an artful warning to younger generations who hadnít experienced the horror firsthand.