View Full Version : Reputation system reminder

07-31-2007, 11:00 AM
The rep system is a friendly tool where members can add some positive reputation to a fellow member for a good post they might agree with, or give negative reputation for a post they feel is demeaning, not thought out or otherwise 'deserving' of a knockdown in rep.

The system in no way ranks members of the board, and in no way states who is actually more reputable than another. It's not a perfect system and never will be, and the 'majority' will ultimately decide the rankings.

Nonetheless, it's a nice little addition to add to the feel of the board, and a nice way to thank someone for a well thought out post, or to show someone you strongly disagree with their sentiments without doing so publicly.

I want to remind everyone not to abuse this system. It is not a tool for harassing other members. Please refrain from sending others vulgar comments via the system, and please avoid any comments that can be seen as a threat.