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01-08-2017, 06:56 AM
I'd like to know what people think of either one of these two products.

I started using Quicken in 1998 (ouch, that smarts, it sounds like ancient history :) )... I used it up until last January.

It was a pretty good product at first, but, after a while, Intuit kept adding more bells and whistles to the product. Eventually product updates did not always install correctly and account updates were not reliable.

I finally threw in the towel last January when I used Quicken 2016 (after doing an install) and it screwed up all my account balances ... for instance, my checking account showed over $5,000!... After several attempts using backed up data, it kept doing the same thing.... I finally gave up and switched over to Mint.

I was already set up in Mint anyway, and I was thinking of transitioning to it. Quicken's problems, plus the fact that Intuit was in the process of selling off the product, made up mind.

Mint is not perfect. I use it to keep track of my everyday expenses (credit cards, checking, etc)... I keep track of investments using an offline spreadsheet (I don't feel comfortable placing account information for all my accounts in one place).

It also lacks the ability to reconcile accounts, but I just check my account balances once a week at my financial institution with Mint to be sure that they match (they always do).

I've had very few problems with the product. The one time I did, I could not log in and contacted support... the problem was resolved within the hour.

However, I find Mint very easy to use and am glad I made the switch.

My son also uses Mint to keep track of his expenses... we both use the iPhone app. My son uses the app almost entirely.

Plus, it's free, which is hard to argue with.

My brother keeps switching between Mint and You Need a Budget, but I think he is slowly moving towards Mint.

01-08-2017, 06:59 PM
This requires one to actually have money, no? :)

I used to use Quicken back in the day, at the law firm I worked at, we used it to keep up our budget for our network team. I never tried the other.

01-09-2017, 07:13 PM
This requires one to actually have money, no? :)

Yes, it works better that way

I use it to keep track of my Swiss Bank Accounts in the Cayman Islands. :)