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Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
01-20-2017, 02:53 PM
Tale Of The Most Expensive Dog Ever Sold In Blackstone County

Story as was told to me by my grandfather..
Who assured me a dozen times that it was both amazing and true tale...

Tale Of The Most Expensive Dog Ever Sold In Blackstone County
The **** Dog-- Story (Part One)

As dogs go, he looked to be healthy. He had four legs, floppy ears, short tail, nice color and good teeth!
Seemed a bit timid but that was a very good quality in a hunting dog.. Certainly he was not old and used up with damaged legs, as
some slicksters try to sell off, by having their hunting dogs (far past their prime) in a small cage to cover up poor mobility) when selling!
So just why was this ordinary dog priced so outrageously high!? There were no papers on any famous bloodline.
No commonly known tales of its fantastic hunting exploits to be found.. Why then did old Amos price this dog at one thousand dollars?
When the best hunting dog in the county only sold for a whopping one hundred dollars!
Young John Smithersby was mulling all this over as he looked at the dog that weekend.
After having been informed by Tully, what a miracle and wonder the amazing dog was!
Common sense should have told him that Tully could have some vested interest in getting this dog sold but he being young and a bit foolish never gave that a solitary thought!

Now Tully, well he was Tully and everybody knew he was untrustworthy. Hadn't he sold the widow Greene, a milk cow that was dry as a bone and died a week later after being sold? Sold ole Tom, a car that the transmission went out only a few days after the sell?
Sold poor widow, Mary Snell two new tires that when aired up, revealed balloon sized knots bulging out bigger than softballs!?
Traded Jinks a rifle with the barrel completely worn out(shot out) and it fired wherever it was not sighted to hit, even by Jinks who was a top marksman!?
And Tully had gotten Jink's prized western 6 pistol.. Yes, that Tulley, slicker than owl snot and wildcat skat mixed together in a tub of used motor oil!
Certainly was no great wonder that things later turned out as they did....

Young John questioned old Amos about the dog and pretty much got the exact same story that Tully had been telling him for going on a year.
How Amos, had kept the dog hidden away from view,only used it late at night and was secretive because he was afraid if found out about its almost unbelievably great hunting attributes- it would be quickly stolen from him!
Such attributes as was bordering on being truly miraculous!! And that my friends, is always a huge red flag to a wise and prudent man, which young John Smithersby most assuredly was not.
So after a "done-deal binding handshake"( no contract signed), young John plopped down a small(actually large considering) first month's payment on the prized hound, with a promised of 900 hundred more dollars in 7 weeks!
Swearing he'd deliver the money even if he had to sell his truck to do it (which later came to be how it was paid)!
However, in that deal since Amos had insisted on keeping the dog until all money was paid and he had bought the dog- even if in piecemeal paying-he got Amos to agree to bring him ALL the highly prized game the dog fetched over the next 7 weeks when Amos would work him to keep him well within his hunting prime.
Game that was highly prized by local people for its delicious taste when fried and served with beans, fried taters , sliced onions/tomatoes and glass of ice cold tea( ice-cold beer for the men)!
For the newly bought dog was an amazing retriever! Simply amazing, as was told by both Tully and ole Amos..
end part one..

Part two coming--

Seven weeks of feasting for John from the game brought him by Amos and tales of how the dog was even improving as it was now being trained even harder and more often!