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Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
01-21-2017, 12:42 PM
I have decided to start doing a few narrative poems, which is not my usual poetry and (gasp) are not rhymed, nor metered !
This is the first written today...

The Promised Release

After she had finished hurting John, she saw bright stars.
No, not the first time but as of hundreds times gone before.
She had came again, wearing that sweet, sweet perfume,
The kind that gave him hot flashes of thought.
But what did he know at seventeen still a young boy,
And she at twenty-five and a married woman?

At age sixteen he changed a flat tire on her car, broken down roadside.
She had flirted with him the entire time:
asking personal questions that made him blush
That next night, he had met her at a secluded park,
She showed him the universe and those magic stars!
Thus had chained him to her hot and dark comet!

Now he could not resist any whim see proposed.
Each time, the pain increased until he started weeping.
It was a mental pain, not physical at all.
For he really, truly, and deeply loved her,
With pure love born from that sweet first encounter
Now bitterest truth had invaded his fantasy rich world.

Now he knew that even women could be monsters,
That she used him to hurt her husband and to satisfy her dark side!
Yet even with such mental pain and knowledge he could not resist her!
As the months grew into years, his claws grew, his teeth did too.
Seven years had crept by and on that dark night he vowed,
To break that evil binding chain she had spun!

Cool breeze blew as he drove to their secret spot.
He waited, with his hate and love deeply entwined.
No gun in his sweaty hands, no knife with which to cut!
Just a big and beautiful red-rose to offer her.
To ask her to be his wife, forever and ever!
He asked the first moment after she had given the first kiss.

She stepped back, as if to consider his request,
then quickly and very brutally turned him down!
Laughed her usual wicked laugh and reached into her purse,
Next he saw a small pistol in her hand!
Then he heard faint echoes of fireworks, six echoes to be exact.
He fell to his knees, as if to beg her for her true love again!

Then he saw red, huge red streams gushing out,
Spilling upon that once sacred ground!
In his anguished mind, he screamed out, "my god she has shot me"!
Then as if reading his mind , she spoke with her dark and glee-filled voice
Yes, I shot you and ended our game- well in truth, ended my game mind you.
You should feel honored as the second sacrifice!

Seven years ago to this day, I shot my first young lover, my first sacrifice
The very next morning, did my flat tire trick to lure you in.
I had been eyeing you for months awaiting that day,
And you, like the first, could not keep your lusting eyes off of me.
Now with your death, I need only the third to gain my release
Release from the hidden beast that is my husband!

In his last few moments on earth he asked, but why, why
When I offered true love and to be your slave?
She laughed and said, I need no slave! I AM ONE!
My master promises my release upon the third sacrifice!
And I will do anything to be rid of that foul and dark beast.
To never have to endure again, his touch and his foul breath.

John, you can now join Jason in that dark pit master promised.
Chained together and eternally bitten and clawed by ravaging beasts
No death release allowed, because HE delights in watching the show
You never asked my husband's name, it is Lucifer,
And I gave him my soul to gain this body, this magnificent beauty you craved.
Know this before you go- your younger brother Jack is next!

With those horrible words said to him, John heard another far off echoing shot ring out
She slump forward by his side. Shot through her black and wicked heart
From a mile away Jack had fired his rifle and had hit her heart dead center, as promised.
Not knowing her second victim was his older brother!
But instead, doing as requested to get his greatest wish granted,
To be by far, the very best and most famous rifle shot in the entire world!

Putting down the rifle he turned to ask- now that it is down, my first kill
Will I always have this great gift?
And Lucifer replied, Yes my new son, you will until your dying day.
I have great plans for you and your future seven hundred kills!
And in that future task, you will do splendidly, missing no innocent victims!
Jack smiled, pondering how many years it would take to reach that mark!

Robert J. Lindley,1-21-2017
Poetry form- Narrative, non-metered verse

Copyright Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
01-27-2017, 03:40 PM
The Grizzly Old Cowboy's Night At The Saloon

That wash-bin washed away tons of trail-dirt
Many a pint of blood too said the old man
He was lean and mean in his cowboy shirt
Weather-beaten face and western sun's tan.
Young man, hitch your belt tight tonight
We afixin' to race forth to DryCreek's saloon
With luck we'll have great fun and win a fight
Before sad coyotes howl at the new moon.

Young cowboy winked with a foolish grin
Sure Pops, whatever you want to do
You know I was born ready and all in
I heard that saloon is a snake filled zoo.
Last month, ole Tex got shot plum full of holes
Died on that sweat-soaked sawdust floor
I swear DryCreek jackals got no damn souls
Took his boots, searched his body for more!

That they did young man, so be lively tonight
A cowboy has got to live by heart, wits and gun
Just wait, those saloon gals are a pretty sight
I bet my best saddle, we fixin' have some fun.
Now strap on your six shooter and best shirt
Those beauties will cry for young cowboy like you
Each one giving you the eye if you dare to flirt
I am mighty proud to see you get your due.

Hearing loud gunfire from many a mile away
Pops checked his six and rode on with a smile
For five months he'd lived for this time to play
Enduring far too many ranch, dust choking mile.
Down main street they in great haste rode
The young cowboy, admiring the much older man
Walking in, to see how much whiskey they could hold
Just being wild and crazy was the unwritten plan!

No sooner limbered up than a fight started by the bar
Some young fool got himself knife and carried out
Damn thought Pops, that's gonna leave a wicked scar
Young cowboy grinned and let out a booming shout.
All went well until that beauty entered down the stairs
Young cowboy, quick as greased lightning fell in love
He then began dreaming they would soon be pairs
He and that raven-haired queen from heaven above!

Pops saw and knew there would be bad trouble soon
For she belonged to one bad hombre named Laredo
For her he'd fight anything and jump over the moon
He was fast with a gun and one tough Texas tornado.
Young cowboy knew too but did not care a whit
His smitten heart overriding his western good sense
He had now found true love and she was all of it
For her he'd ride all night and break down any fence!

When Laredo approached old Pops saw that gleam
Fire in his blazing eyes and steam from his ears
Thinking to save his own wild fantasy dream
He tossed away any of his caution and fears.
Young cowboy saw his hand moved lightning fast
Had only enough time to reach for his pistol too
This was it, some cowboy wasn't gonna live past
Tonight's good fun, and would pay heavy dues!

Two shots rang out, almost at the same time
Each man dropped his gun, grabbed his chest
Fair was this usual type of fight, not a crime
Neither cowboy had proved to be the very best.
Each fell forward, in a puddle of flowing red-blood
And soon died upon that saw-dust saloon floor
As coyotes wailed and cattle chewed their cud
Neither would see the sun rise once more!

Pops rode away, thinking what a damn shame
That young man had a great future to live for
He was strong and cocky with a good game
Now gone, he'd ride this dusty trail no more.
With that solemn thought he began to pray
God, when my time comes, send me in quick
Give me a speeding hot bullet to the chest
I want no long drawn out time of being sick.

Grant me this wish, we both know to be best!
I too, have long lived by heart, wits and gun
I now repent of this black heart in my chest
I lived and loved, had me one mighty fine run.
At ranch-house, he smelled the morning beans
Looked he up at heaven and with smile he said
Lord, I have on work-shirt and my favorite jeans
Forget my wish, give me good day's ride instead!

Robert J. Lindley, 1-27-2017
Form- Narrative

Copyright Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017

If I review it , edit it and find it to then be worthy..-Tyr

01-27-2017, 11:28 PM
The Grizzly Old Cowboy's Night At The Saloon
If I review it , edit it and find it to then be worthy..-Tyr
This is wonderful, Robert!
You made me feeling the atmosphere and flavor. http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/personal/hi.gif

01-27-2017, 11:46 PM
Robert! You are multi faces as the Buddha. :clap: