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Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
02-05-2017, 02:32 PM
This collaboration was began about week before my mother's death. I had sent my first half of the poem, two days before my mother's death..
After her death, I sent Keith a message to post it when he finished the second half.
Just found it posted moment ago and here it is.
I think his second half, sent this poem into a much higher level, as is often the case when we write together.
His normal style is that of a Romantic poet, writing in Romanticism, Classicism......
I think this is our fifth collaboration and each time he brings truly great and beautifully written verses to bring the opening to a higher level and the ending to a top level effort.
Posting this in its own thread, as I owe him such gratitude for his efforts, kindness and friendship.--Tyr

Angel, No Romantic Heart Could Forget
( Collaboration R. Lindley & K. Hunt )

Desiring to feel again, thy warmest touch,
Dreams that have faded into distant past,
Love burning hot in our hearts was too much,
Its glow and ardor faded too fast,
Thou wouldst have had eternal sweet dreams,
In castles created to hold our true love,
Alas! This dark world destroyed with wicked schemes
All that was heaven sent from above.

We in our youth, tasted of love's purity divine,
Gentle hands, held wealth of all precious to me,
Thy image and power, did my romantic soul refine
Gifting passionate fruits of thy bountiful tree;
Now my soul, cries out for thy blessed return,
This miracle I pray shall one day be,
As flower meadows, rich in glory, one never spurns,
Let love send us again, sailing on its heavenly sea.

For all the ages revealed our great love eternal,
From silver spires did the world seem so small and otherworldly
We crept into our lofty paradise, teeming our little secret furled;
Two great eagles soaring soft to eternity
A thousand kisses too holy and sweet thy lush peck
A million lovely seasons thine eyes sparkle as honeyed stars
To Venus (shooting!) and thine vast heart our thee wed
But without thee, life is empty and its affections as death's cold charms

So sweet, death whispers your name.....
To tempt my fate to follow thy fleeting footsteps;
How damp this love, wouldst now seem in vain
No flask too deep to numb this bitter-made bed
But I shan't despair no more to mourn ----
For too holy my angel, lest I forget her plea;
The beauties of her idylls (alone) as lovelies shown:
Let love send us again, sailing on its heavenly sea

First half written by Robert Lindley
Second by Keith O.J. Hunt

Copyright Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017