View Full Version : Great news for anyone afraid of getting surgery, or the Infection....PLEASE READ.

03-23-2017, 09:20 PM
I just read this locally about a Dr. Who has (possibly) found a cure for SEPSIS.
I had sepsis for a month, following my heart surgery. I had to remain in the hospital for 30 days, just to get the TWICE DAILY IV of ANTIBIOTICS.
Not a joke. My Right leg (at my hip) LOOKED LIKE A BAKED HAM due to the infection.
It saved my life.


This man should probably get a Nobel Prize in Medicine if it is proven successful

03-25-2017, 04:28 PM
This is huge! In just the past year I've known of two family members in law that died from sepsis. One friend who had more than a brief encounter with the infection and nearly died.

Antibiotics aren't working the way they once did and as far as I know, no new ones are being worked on.

Vitamin C! Wow!

06-08-2017, 03:47 AM
A critical care doctor at Eastern Virginia Medical School (http://www.evms.edu/about_evms/administrative_offices/marketing_communications/publications/issue_9_4/sepsis.php) believes he has found the cure for sepsis, a common infection that gets into the blood and kills 1,000 people a day in the U.S. alone.

Wow. I had no idea sepsis was that deadly.

How is this story not much bigger news?