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Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
04-27-2017, 11:59 AM
Dare We Ever Speak Out

Let me write in obscure and chaotic words
stirring waters tepidly unknown
Yet my spirit refuses to admire such birds
or the massive flattery the are now shown
Why yes, some of us write from poetic hearts
with passion and not merely for fleeting praise
We that sail the seas, using understood charts
are now thought to be in an insane craze!

O' that we dareth to sparsely use archaic words
in poems as way of joining with the past
O' what folly, not wanting to be in a modern herd
or be afraid of those that so love to lambast
Cry thee, to thy Gods of confusing adulation
while we carry on in our simple ways
Content with depth, not writing for modern adoration
full of faith that truth and heart in poetry pays!

Robert J. Lindley, 4-27-2017

Note- Old poet, simple slam and quite tired of elitist criticisms
of poet novices, true hearts writing in understood words and
some that seek to exalt themselves by tearing others down..
Yes, this is a slam, but one done in a simple,reserved and more poetic style.
Some at poetry sites are so jealous of their position that they rip and tear others
and foolishly think that such magnifies their own self-appointed and exalted status.-Tyr

Tyr-Ziu Saxnot
06-12-2017, 08:20 PM

Well, What Of It

What of it?
That I, in my time, break open logs and eat that ripe rich decay
Relish ancient stored remains as if bacon and eggs. As if hot coffee on a bitter cold morn.
As if, manna from Heaven fell at my old, tired feet.
Yes, you have me dead to right and haughty too! A stubborn soldier seeking, looking and cherishing times past. Holding ancient dreams!
Times that are not changing if I can help it. Should I cry, shout, stomp feet or just cringe at some of this new age folly?
Perhaps seek ways to make a quick exit and give over to the rotting mass?
Sell my heart and soul for a slice of bread and a devious pat on the head?
Nay, nay I say.. Such befits no man-- no man!
Such is the embracing of shallow dreams, fools gold and legs that can not walk!
Walk, walk says I.
Walk and be bold to speak. Speak to live on and be heard.
What of it?
I had my say, my anger poured out and I felt all the more human for daring so.
Feeling human, feeling alive and feeling that this world has less power over me that before.
And, and, and -Yes , what of it?

Robert J. Lindley,6-12-2017
(Free verse with a smile, still cherishing mom's apple pie)
(Waking to ancestral cries..)

Copyright Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2017