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07-31-2017, 05:32 AM
Spent an evening and a morning in Rothenburg - the city has a great history...lessons in capitalism.

The city - with roots back to 950AD - made its fortunes because it was outside the King/barron/whatever's reach - They ran the city and its merchandise free of oversight and the city prospered. During the wars and the Plague that followed the city went through various states of life. Tourism began in the early 1900s - and waxed and waned through two world wars. As WW2 drew to a close, the Nazi commander was ordered to fight to the last man. Meanwhile, US forces approaching were prepared to use artillery to take the city. As statuses were briefed to Higher, Deputy SECDEF John McCloy heard about the city's status waiting to be destroyed. McCloy knew of Rothenburg because his mother had visited the city in the 1910s, and brought home a painting of the city. McCloy grew up looking at the painting and knew the stories of the city's beauty. McCloy called the US commander and directed him to negotiate the city's surrender. The German ranking officer at Rothenburg was out of town - and had given orders to fight to the death. Because the acting commander was smart, and realized the importance of the city in relation to the war already being essentially lost for Germany, agreed to surrender the town; thus saving most of the downtown buildings and walls.

Panoramic Pic




NOT my video - but good introduction.