View Full Version : Speaking of Lazy School Kids

09-22-2017, 05:20 PM
I watch them walk past my house to and from the bus stop. So, I can kind of get a sweater or jacket in the morning. Maybe. I'm actually guessing the AC is on in the school. Then they come back in the afternoon, sun is shining, it's 90+ degrees and STILL got the coats on. Heaven forbid they take it off and put it in that damned pack they haul around like it had money in it.

Now, we didn't have AC until I was in HS. And we were required to wear long pants (shirts with collars until I was in like 8th or 9th grade). No freakin ALICE pack. I wasn't humping no damned coat. If I had to, I'd carry it before wearing it once it got hot. I'd game my books down to a folder with a list and only the book(s) I just HAD to carry home. I had to have plenty of arm space to carry all of Julie's books :) (I know, sounds old) My folder of paper was folded in my back pocket :)

SO I just don't get the crap. I've worn long pants once since April and that was just long enough to see if they still fit. And I really just don't give a damn if my legs are ugly or not.