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09-30-2017, 11:18 AM
While completely ignoring the trial of Bob Menendez for corruption. They ain't got time for that! :laugh: Funny how they applaud and condemn this stuff while no peeps from their mouths when some of their own did just the same.


Democrats Praise Tom Price’s Resignation Over Flights, Remain Silent On Robert Menendez

Democratic senators who refuse to criticize New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez for accepting private flights from a major donor in exchange for political favors are praising the resignation of Health and Human Services Sec. Tom Price, who informed President Trump that he will leave office Friday amid a scandal over his use of taxpayer-funded flights for personal business.

Price initially offered to repay a portion of the cost for the private charter flights. But as pressure mounted through Friday, the former Georgia lawmaker submitted his resignation to Trump, who accepted.

Menendez has also come under scrutiny for expensive private plane rides, though his use of the luxury may actually have constituted a federal felony. He is currently on trial for corruption.

Federal prosecutors say that Menendez accepted gifts, vacations and numerous private flights from a Florida eye doctor who sought political favors.

Despite the seriousness of the allegations against Menendez, his Democratic colleagues have all avoided commenting on whether he should resign from office if convicted.

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