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10-04-2017, 02:24 PM
The idiots are out in force this week. :(

Funding terrorism? This is what's wrong with the news anymore. They have an agenda, then they slant it in the worst ways possible in an attempt to get viewers to believe their crap. And then Olbermann. This man has made a joke of himself anymore. And the first idiot still going on about silencers, good little shrillary supporter. Her tripe sounds like regurgitation of exactly what shrillary stated. If they only knew just how foolish they look. Don't wanna wake up or have the deer hearing and seeing the bullet coming his way! :rolleyes:


Singer Rosanne Cash: ‘NRA Funds Domestic Terrorism’

Following the heinous attack on innocents at a concert venue in Las Vegas this week, musician Rosanne Cash penned a New York Times op-ed in which she claimed that “the NRA funds domestic terrorism.”

She asked country artists to break away from the civil rights organization–regardless of country music fans’ opinions–and suggested any loss in ticket sales would be worth the act of standing against the National Rifle Association.

In her appeal to country artists, Cash rambled off the same baseless, anti-gun rhetoric Hillary Clinton and others used.

For example, she touched on the Hearing Protection Act, an act which would eliminate many aspects of the cumbersome process law-abiding citizens currently have to endure to acquire a suppressor. The act would also remove the federal tax that citizens have to pay on any suppressor they buy.

Cash opined:

If [the Hearing Protection Act] has passed before the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and the rifles in the assailant’s room had been fitted with silencers, one could safely assume that the death toll would be much, much higher. Those who ran from the concert and survived did so because they heard the sound of gunfire. None of that matters to the NRA.

Rest - http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/10/04/rosanne-cash-nra-funds-domestic-terrorism/

Keith Olbermann: NRA Should Be Branded a Terrorist Organization

GQ’s Keith Olbermann called for the National Rifle Association (NRA) to be branded a terrorist organization in the latest video from his The Resistance series.

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann accused the NRA of “enabling” mass shootings like the recent attack in Vegas, which saw more than 50 dead and more than 500 wounded.

In his latest video as part of his The Resistance series, Olbermann stated that the Second Amendment was originally written in the Constitution “to keep federal government from taking away the right of each state to maintain its own militia.” He claimed that the Amendment has since been modified “into an excuse for why madmen of whatever heritage or political purpose cannot be stopped from carrying at least ten long rifles into a hotel room in Las Vegas and setting up a sniper’s nest and killing people.”

Olbermann claimed that the Second Amendment is outdated and does not take into account modern weaponry. “Keep and bear … do not mean ‘own’–period,” Olbermann said. “The Second Amendment is gun-control from an era where the gun was a musket and not an automatic killing machine that could be bought and stashed on the 32nd floor of a hotel in order to shoot people 500 at a time.” Olbermann also called out President Trump for his reaction to the Vegas shooting, saying, that “warmest condolences” are not sufficient.

Rest - http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/10/04/olbermann-nra-branded-terrorist-organization/

10-05-2017, 09:42 AM
These fuckers make me wanna PUKE.

My ex wife used to say, "I'd slap ya but shit splatters." I'd say that applies very well to the likes of prog trash like Kiethy and Rossie.