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10-11-2017, 02:33 PM
This was a joke folks. Regardless of what some liberal outlets may have told you, this was jokingly from the beginning. And now Mensa wants to take advantage of that! I don't know much about Tillerson, but I don't think Trump is a "genius". I think he's genius at certain things he does, but not overall IQ genius smart kind of guy.

And if anything, it apparently stemmed from Tillerson, not the other way around as they would have you believe. :)


Mensa Offers Tillerson, Trump IQ Showdown

President Donald Trump jokingly challenged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to an IQ test during an interview with Forbes magazine, but he has a tester willing to provide an exam if he wants to proceed, The Hill reported.

"American Mensa would be happy to hold a testing session for President Trump and Secretary Tillerson," said Charles Brown, communications director for the organization.

Mensa is an international society whose only qualification for membership is an IQ score within the top 2 percent of the general population.

Trump told Forbes he would "compare IQ tests" with Tillerson when asked about an NBC report that said Tillerson called his boss a moron.

"I think it's fake news, but if he did that, I guess we'll have to compare IQ tests. And I can tell you who is going to win," the president said.

Trump met with Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Tuesday for lunch, and told reporters before the sit-down that he didn't undercut Tillerson with his comments to Forbes.

"No, I didn't undercut anybody. I don't believe in undercutting people," the president said when asked whether he did so. Asked whether he still had confidence in Tillerson, he responded, "Yes."


10-13-2017, 09:43 AM
The butt-hurt Leftist (Liberal) Smear ...deceit...spin...twist and Ignorance Media tries to make everything a "showdown" when it comes to an American POTUS....they have nothing REAL to run on except bullCrap...They have learned Nothing from the past election...In a way thats a good thing..Americans are on to "Them"