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10-16-2017, 12:42 PM
This is encouraging... although I remain positive that it's too little, too late to save Europeans from massive bloodshed from the hordes of muslims already within the borders.

I was hoping something like this would take place in Germany and France this year, but that didn't happen. Perhaps in the next elections the populace will have woken to their peril.

It's good to see more people rejecting the socialists running countries into the ground. Hope it continues and gathers speed.

It's amazing that the people there are so desperate for any kind of common sense values & ideas that they elected a 31 year old. That should speak volumes.

The populist right, though scorned by the Left as Islamophobic, gains ground in yet another European election.

Angela Merkel’s misguided migration policy — which allowed nearly 1 million people from Africa and the Middle East to enter Germany in 2015 — has claimed another political victim. Her centrist Christian Democratic government lost a great deal of support to the populist Alternative for Germany in last month’s election because of her mishandling of the migration flood. And today, Christian Kern, the left-wing Social Democratic chancellor of Austria, lost his job because of his own party’s involvement in opening Austria to 75,000 new migrants. Germany borders Austria, and many refugees and economic migrants entered Germany through Austria, with 75,000 remaining.

Festering public anger at uncontrolled immigration, crime, wasteful spending, and bureaucratic arrogance has hurt all established political parties. But the damage to left-wing parties has been the most severe. Taken together, the three left-wing parties in Germany — the Social Democrats, the Greens, and the Left party — won only 38 percent of the vote in last month’s elections. Twenty years ago, the three combined won 53 percent. Similarly, in Austria, the three left-wing parties together won only 34 percent of the vote today, with the environmentalist Greens shut out of parliament for the first time in more than 30 years.

Very heartening to see Europeans rejecting the lunatic environmental element.

The clear winners are the parties of the populist Right. Take Austria. The center-right People’s Party was floundering early this year, trapped in an unpopular, status-quo coalition with the leftist Social Democrats. Then, in May, 31-year-old Sebastian Kurz — the leader of the party’s youth wing — mounted a coup and ousted the party’s complacent leadership.

This is very important, and it applies here in America, too : Normal people don't want more of the same BS and caving to leftists & getting along. Steamroll the opposition and get things done.


What’s clear is that the depictions of Kurz and Strache as Islamophobic, intolerant, and radical failed spectacularly. In country after country, the Left is finding it will have to come up with a strategy beyond name-calling if it is serious about winning back lost voters.

Fortunately for us, the left isn't that smart. That's all they've got and they're sticking to it. :thumb:

More : http://www.nationalreview.com/article/452688/right-wing-populist-victory-austria-election