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10-22-2017, 10:20 AM
Prominent Islamist Scholar Tariq Ramadan Accused of Rape

Tariq Ramadan is not only the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood (Hasan al-Banna), he's also one of the most well-known Islamist intellectuals in the world. Ramadan simultaneously presents himself as moderate and as a loyal grandson. For instance, in the foreword to a new edition of al-Banna’s "Risalat al-Ma’thurat," a collection of key texts from the Qur’an and Hadith, Ramadan calls the book "the core of spiritual education for all members of the Muslim Brotherhood." He then praises his grandfather, extolling the "quality of his faith and the intensity of his relationship with God. Anyone who had ever been in contact with him perceived and experienced this."

Note, Al-Banna wrote, among other things:

In [Muslim] Tradition there is a clear indication of the obligation to fight the People of the Book [that is, Jews and Christians], and of the fact that Allah doubles the reward of those who fight them. Jihad is not against polytheists alone, but against all who do not embrace Islam.

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