View Full Version : Vicente Fox to Trump: 'You're Not Fighting Fake News, You're Creating Them'

10-24-2017, 11:24 AM
How in the world does anyone accuse ANYONE of ANYTHING about using twitter, when it's a battle between that person and Donald Trump? :rolleyes:

Now, with that said, context does matter. Trump probably wouldn't be president if not for twitter and other social media. It's a double edged beast. I think obviously that the media for the most part is against him, and he was in fact about to create his own media station of sorts to get around all of that, and reply to a lot of things in the MSM.

But he's abused it so much in negative ways and weird shit, that's for sure!

But anyone else in the world but Mexico, and Fox. That place is a dwindling shithole being taken over by drug cartels. And the cartels money and bribery of officials is what's been a huge reason that's allowed them to expand and not be taken down.


Mexico's Vicente Fox Bashes Trump: 'You're Not Fighting Fake News, You're Creating Them'

Vicente Fox Quesada is a former Mexican president. As such, you'd think that he'd use Twitter -- where he's very active -- first and foremost to comment on Mexican affairs and to give the current administration some desperately needed advice.

Not so much. You see, Vicente has an obsession. It's called "Donald Trump."

Time and again, Fox criticizes Trump. He responds to the American president's tweets, to his statements in interviews, and attacks him even when Trump doesn't actually say anything. Yep, Fox is waging his own little private war against the leader of the most powerful country on earth.

A Twitter war, that is.

On Sunday, Fox was at it again, tweeting:


It's truly fascinating that the former president of a third-world country destroyed by drug cartels is so obsessed with Trump. As I asked Fox on Twitter:


What's more, if we're going to play the "if it wasn't for" game, how about this, Mr. Fox? I doubt you would have become president if it wasn't for Mexico's drug cartels, corruption, and poverty.

It's bad enough when Crooked Hillary and Nancy "I Love Facelifts" Pelosi think they can lecture Trump, but Vicente Fox of all people? His country is being destroyed by drug kingpins who are behaving like little emperors, slashing the throats of people who oppose them and of rivals, destroying entire villages, and digging mass graves in which they dump their many victims, but Fox is obsessed with Trump? Pathetic.

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