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10-24-2017, 11:59 AM
I've seen a lot of this in the past few years, the worst being a few I've seen at churches of all places. :( I don't know if these folks are looking for some sort of attention themselves, or if they truly would go this far to make others appear guilty?

The dang president of the school was harassed over all of this, and it even lead to displays of the black power symbol at their football games. It's a powerful thing, racism. :(

Black Man Arrested In ‘KKK’ Graffiti Case At Eastern Michigan

A black man has been arrested in connection with a string of racist graffiti incidents at Eastern Michigan University that were protested by students on campus last fall.

Eddie Curlin, 29, was arraigned Monday, Oct. 23, in Washtenaw County District Court on three counts of malicious destruction of property, four counts of identity theft and one count of using computers to commit a crime, reports MLive.

The charges are related to three incidents of vandalism that appeared to be targeting the black community at EMU. In September 2016, EMU discovered “KKK” and “Leave N***ers” spray painted in red, white, and blue paint on a wall in the courtyard of Julia Anne King Hall.

In late October, the administration found another “Leave N***ers” message painted in black on Ford Hall. A third incident took place last spring in a men’s restroom.

EMU’s police chief confirmed after Curlin’s arrest that it was a “self-serving” crime and that it was “not driven by politics” or race.

After the first messages appeared in September, students marched in the streets in protest for hours, eventually ending up at the home of EMU president James Smith. After an EMU football game several days later, a group of students stormed the field and raised their fists in a display of “black power.”

Rest - http://dailycaller.com/2017/10/23/black-man-arrested-in-kkk-graffiti-case-at-eastern-michigan/

10-24-2017, 12:34 PM
Pretty sad that such a lame, old and worn out trick still works. It only does because the people it works on are seeing and hearing what they want to.

One has to wonder just how "strong" the KKK is in Michigan. Bet all 7 or 8 of them REALLY want the spotlight on them :rolleyes: