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11-11-2017, 01:05 PM
I want to make a couple of expanded points about the current "outing" of many men for alleged sexual misconduct; ranging from touching an arm, to outright rape.

To say we are experiencing a rebirth of the witch trial era is only a little bit exaggerated. So far, no one is being killed for their misconduct, at least. But the conviction by public opinion, the lack of evidence, the piling-on, and the public shaming are sure reminiscent. And we all know how those trials turned out. Well, one might say at least they had a trial, pathetic as it was.

Assume, as our dear friends in the media do, that these men are guilty. Assume also that the women involved did not consent at the time (not including the 14 year old), and have now given it all a "rethink" in today's climate. If these assumptions are true, and I suspect many of them are, I am absolutely appalled at the sense of entitlement and perverse nature of so many men. (A religious topic for another day- see Robot Doll, i.e.). I have railed on here for more than a decade about the sad state of our culture. The lack of modesty and virtue that especially women now seem to have. (What would our grandmothers think about Miley Cyrus? It's mind-boggling).

The point is, illegal and immoral or not, there are consequences for such behaviors. Perhaps we are seeing these consequences more than ever. Of course, men have no right to touch a woman sexually without her consent, no matter how much she advertises that sexuality. But having no right is not enough protection for women. People will almost always do what they think they can get away with. These are not stupid men; they may have erroneously felt they had a very reasonable chance of being allowed to do what they did. Remember the part about virtue and modesty?

To reiterate a few points for those who are looking to be offended by my comments: If true, these actions are 100% wrong. These women did nothing to "deserve" it. The guilty men should be punished. Having said all that, I believe women should should still act and dress with some modesty.

I know that even these comments will be considered by some to be horrible. Don't care. Sometimes we have to face reality, PC or not.

Finally, if anyone thinks all the doubts about the truth of these claims are uncalled for- you can directly thank years of lying media and people putting politics above all else, for our cynicism.

11-11-2017, 02:24 PM
Ya know, they believe they traced the cause of the Salem witch trials back to an especially wet summer, which caused a type of mold on the grain they used for their bread, that essentially contained what we know as LSD, lysergic diethylamide acid. They were unwittingly dropping ACID.

I'm afraid some of today's strokes of virtue, and some after an almost ridiculous amount of time, i.e., the Moore accusations, I believe is politically motivated, because after all this time, how in the world can you either prove they're true or not, but that isn't what the left is concerned with. They know that all they really have to do is make the claims and then let their propaganda machine do the rest, and if it has the desired effect, they will have ruined their opponents chances of ever winning, and that, is EXACTLY how the left operates.

But just to add, if the afore mentioned accusations are true, Moore needs to quietly go away, in shame.