View Full Version : GOP is a ‘Domestic Terror Group’ — Should All Be ‘Locked Up!’

11-27-2017, 07:32 PM
Wow is an understatement. The GOP is a domestic terror group? When this is all said an done. they should all be locked up? The GOP is pro-pedophilia?


Gotta watch the video as there's more in it than is quoted in the text.


MSNBC Guest Goes on Crazed Rant: GOP is a ‘Domestic Terror Group’ — Should All Be ‘Locked Up!’

Radio talkshow host legend Michael Savage coined the phrase, “liberalism is a mental disorder.” Can you argue that statement after watching this clip? Most likely the answer is a resounding “no.”

Appearing on MSNBC Saturday with Joy Reid, Democrat pollster Fernand Armandi went on an unhinged rant against Republicans. Armandi argued the GOP is a “domestic terror group,” that should be thrown into prison.


Reid asked her panel what they thought about renewing CHIP. The MSNBC host then asked Amandi the following question: “We know that Florida has a large abundance of people who are on CHIP. In a state like that, can the members of Congress from Florida afford not to renew CHIP? And why haven’t they pushed for it?”

Amandi replied with a scattered answer:

“It’s an excellent question, Joy, you know, Florida and many other states would be decimated — Florida’s children, other children. And I think it leads to the question: Is it any surprise that the party that is pro-pay-for-play, pro-Putin, and now with Roy Moore, pro-pedophilia, the fact that they’re anti-children, is that any surprise? I don’t think it is. And I think, Joy, this is emblematic — this CHIP scenario where you mentioned nine million children — children — without health insurance. I think if you take a step back, one has to ask themselves — and I think the American people should ask themselves the broader question: What has the Republicans in the last 10 years done to help the American people? What have they done? This is not a political party — this is a domestic terror group. And I think what the American people should consider when they ask themselves that question — with a party that has done nothing to help the American people — is to vote them out and consider possibly afterwards locking them up, Joy.”

Reid appeared to have no qualms with Amandi’s tirade and moved on to other members of the panel.