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11-29-2017, 05:28 PM
Yups, but some want to give all the credit to Obama.


Trump Deserves Some Credit for the Rally in Stocks

Less regulation is one campaign promise made by the president that is coming true.

Reducing government regulation is tough. Itís resisted by all those who benefit, including government employees who administer the many programs. Every president since Jimmy Carter has attempted to lower the cost of regulation. At best, any cuts have been tiny and mostly centered on trimming paperwork. But less regulation is one campaign promise made by Donald Trump that is coming true. With tax and health-care reform problematic and given the president's protectionist leanings, deregulation is probably a major driver of the stock market rally.

The size and scope of the federal government give the president immense powers. In relation to gross domestic product, federal spending rose from 16 percent in 1946 to 22 percent in the 2017 fiscal year. Executive orders give the chief executive, in effect, legislative powers. President Barack Obama issued many in his waning days, especially affecting power plants and oil pipelines. The Competitive Enterprise Institute last year found regulation cost American businesses $1.9 trillion, dwarfing the $344 billion in corporate taxes. About 56 percent of CEOs see overregulation as a major threat to their organization, more than cybersecurity (50 percent), rising taxes (41 percent) or even protectionism (27 percent).

Whenever a new regulation is made or changed, it must be chronicled in the Federal Register. In the last years of the Obama administration, regulatory activity went parabolic, hitting almost 97,000 pages in a year. The annualized pace under Trump through July 31 was 61,330 pages, the fewest since the 1970s. This year through June, the federal government had made 1,731 preliminary, proposed or final rules, the least since 2000 and down 40 percent from the 2011 peak under Obama. Many actions taken under Trump are reversals of earlier rules made under Obama. Of 66 completed actions at the Environmental Protection Agency, a third were rule withdrawals.

Shares of banks have benefited, as those with more than $50 billion in assets are now able to merge without increased scrutiny. Scaling back the Volcker Rule would allow big banks to resume proprietary lending. The delay and likely alterations of the fiduciary requirement would aid brokers and insurers. The House has already approved a widespread rewrite of Dodd-Frank. A bipartisan group of senators recently agreed to exempt banks with less than $250 billion in assets from the ďsystemically important financial institutionsĒ group that is subject to much stricter oversight, including higher capital buffers. Previously, the threshold was $50 billion. Congress also shut down the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau rule that would allow consumer class-action suits against banks as opposed to arbitration.

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Trump deserves all the credit.....if Hillary won the Markets would be in a spiral downward.....Thank God she didnt win.




11-30-2017, 07:46 AM
Of course he deserves SOME credit. It's now a year into his presidency. However, the market rose all throughout the obama terms as well. But because you guys rabidly hate him, it doesn't count.

11-30-2017, 03:28 PM
Of course he deserves SOME credit. It's now a year into his presidency. However, the market rose all throughout the obama terms as well. But because you guys rabidly hate him, it doesn't count.

I never said such a thing myself. He had increases of course, just not nearly on a pace as it has been with Trump in office, that's all. The past year is something never seen before, and I doubt will stay on this pace, but still a record.

11-30-2017, 06:00 PM
10 Reasons Why the 2017 Record Stock Market Rally is Due to President Trumpís Actions

The stock market in 2017 has increased at record levels unseen in American history. Never before has the market increased by more than 4,000 points in a single calendar year but has done that in 2017. The Dow is up more than 30 percent since the election.

Liberals and Democrats refuse to give President Trump credit for the stock market rally this past year but they provide no evidence to support their false convictions. Here are 10 reasons why the 2017 record stock market rally is due to President Trumpís actions and why it will continue.

1. President Trumpís Marketing Skills

President Trumpís marketing and leadership may be the single most important factor pushing the economy and the stock market to record highs. Civilian Trump was a billionaire and a promoter. He prided himself in deal making and his presence led him to have one of the most popular shows on TV (The Apprentice). In nearly every single speech or rally he has held, he promotes success, making America great again, winning and prosperity. This repetition and promotion has led to consumer confidence reaching a 17 year high. President Trumpís repetition and success encourage economic excitement in the US like a snowball going downhill.

2. Frankly, Obamaís Economy was Horrible

To say that the economy was on a roll before the 2016 election is not true. The last all-time stock market high before the November 8th, 2016 election was on August 15th, 2016, three months prior to the election. The stock market decreased in value in 2015 and there were no new stock market all-time highs in Obamaís entire first term. Obamaís economy incurred unemployment as high as 10 percent. His Presidency was the first ever to not reach an annual GDP of at least 3 percent in at least one year during his term. His policies doubled the US Debt to nearly $20 trillion and the massive increase in regulations stifled the economy. Not only that but Obama had no idea how to lead America to greatness. His words and actions actually portrayed someone who didnít want America to win.

Clearly this past yearís record stock market increase is not due to the prior President whose ĎAmerica lastí policies led to the destruction of the middle class and the stagnation of the American economy.

3. Reduction in Regulations

One of the first things that President Trump did in office was to reduce the number or burdensome regulations put in place during the Obama era. In January President Trump signed his 2 for 1 executive order mandating that for every new regulation, two regulations needed to be revoked. Even far left Politico notes that significant federal regulations since Trumpís inauguration have slowed to an almost total halt.

Regulations cost Americans and American companies money to implement and maintain. Reducing or halting regulations allows companies to spend their money on more prudent money making areas.

4. President Trump Encouraging Business Leaders to Build in America

President Obama said before the election that jobs just are not coming back to the United States. He mocked candidate Trump for suggesting that jobs could come back to the US and said some of those jobs just arenít coming back Ė ďWhat magic wand do you have?Ē


President Trump didnít listen to his predecessor. He went out immediately after winning the election and began speaking to business leaders across many industries. He encouraged then to come back to the US and company after company announced their plans to build in the US. This all happened before his inauguration! He continued this work into his administration and the results are clear, even foreign companies are coming to the US. More than 1.5 million jobs were created in 2017 through October.


5. Ending Obama Trade Deals that Hurt the US

One of the first actions that President Trump took was to sign an executive order that formally withdrew the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal. Even union leaders applauded this move Ė

Mr. Trump could end the U.S. participation with 11 other Pacific Rim nations with the stroke of a pen because Congress had not ratified the ambitious accord despite strong support from business groups and President Obama. Nevertheless, the withdrawal put Capitol Hill and foreign governments on notice that the president would demand better deals on a one-on-one basis.

The presidentís populist stance on trade shook up alliances in Washington. Mr. Trump got a round of applause from union leaders during a meeting at the White House, but prominent Republican lawmakers vowed to defend their partyís traditional support for open markets and free trade.

Trumpís policies of putting the American worker first only benefit the US worker, company and economy.

6. Igniting Clean Coal

One coal miner in Pennsylvania praised President Trump for his actions that ended unnecessary regulations that prevented coal from being mined in the US. The coal industry is back according to a piece from the New York Post Ė

But many Americans arenít aware of this modernization. So having a president who believes in this industry, and rallies publicly for it, means a lot. Trump has ďcreated an optimism in the business community that has trickled down from big companies to small, and for all of their workers,Ē Dethlefsen said.

The clean coal industry employs many workers at good paying jobs. President Trump promised these miners jobs again and he succeeded in doing just that.

7. Pipelines Mean More Than Good Jobs

Another of President Trumpís first actions was to allow the building of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines. These projects were rejected by the prior administration on the grounds that the pipelines were ecologically unfriendly but the more likely reason for their denial was they would help America being more energy independent, something the donors to Washington elites would not want. By approving the pipelines, thousands of jobs were created and the US was one step closer to energy independence.

These actions have now led to the US being an oil exporter for the first time ever. The US is now also the net exporter of natural gas for the fist time in 59 years. Energy independence means more jobs, more income into the US, and less money going to rouge oil producing countries that want to destroy the US.

8. Saudi Arms Deal

In his first major international trip, President Trump traveled to the Middle East and in front of the leaders of 50 Muslim countries, said that they must Ďdrive outí Islamic terrorists.


On this same trip the President aligned with these leaders in standing against Iran and promoted a $100 billion arms proposal with the Saudis. This deal has some impact on the current economy but will have significant impact in the future and this is what impacts the stock market greatly.

9. China Investment in the US

This past month President Trump traveled to Asia on another successful trip. In addition to meeting with leaders across the region, the President announced another huge win for the US. China signed a MOU with the US that was reported in China but not publicized by the highly partisan MSM in the US who remains silent on nearly all of President Trumpís successes Ė

China Energy Investment Corp, the worldís largest power company by asset value, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to invest $83.7 billion in shale gas, power and chemical projects in West Virginia, the U.S state said on Thursday.

The agreement was the biggest among a slew of deals signed during U.S. President Donald Trumpís state visit to Beijing. The total value of the deals done during Trumpís trip could be as much as $250 billion.

This deal will help one of the most impoverished regions in America and many West Virginians didnít know about it because the MSM didnít tell them.

10. Itís Not Hillary!

Certainly one of the major reasons the stock market is soaring is because Hillary Clinton is not President. Hillaryís policies were a promise for more of the same and the same was not working. America dodged a bullet last November and the markets responded. Americans were not with her. She lost and America won.

Liberals, Democrats and NeverTrumper will continue to tell you that President Trump has nothing to do with the historic stock market rally America is enjoying right now. But remember, these fools also told us Hillary was going to win in a landslide.


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11-30-2017, 06:14 PM
Trump deserves all the credit.....if Hillary won the Markets would be in a spiral downward.....Thank God she didnt win.



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