View Full Version : "Bette Midler Accused Geraldo Rivera Of Groping Her In The '70s In A Past Interview"

11-30-2017, 04:44 PM
Heard this today....Good...get tired of listening to "open borders Geraldo" run his leftist mouth...on ..."The 5" on Fox News....curious to see if it will be brought up...:laugh:


"Speaking of Geraldo, we’re gonna go back here, audio sound bites, 1991 a Barbara Walters special interviewing the actress-singer Bette Midler, and Barbara Walters says, “Bette, speaking of taste, what do you think of Geraldo Rivera’s autobiography in which he said that you and he had a torrid sexual affair and that you were insatiable when it came to him?”

MIDLER: I’m gonna get in trouble. It was very — it was very unpleasant.

WALTERS: Get in a little trouble."



"And he alluded to the fact that much of what goes on in newsrooms isn’t sexual harassment; it’s just normal flirtiness and seduction and courtship.

He said there’s a slight chance that those making allegations were motivated by big money settlements, but he didn’t think that that was what was driving it.

Well, there was a predicted outcry on social media and Geraldo apologized hours later saying he “didn’t sufficiently explain that this is a horrendous problem, long hidden, and harassers are deviants who deserve what is coming to them.”

He didn’t say that at first. He didn’t call them deviants. He didn’t even call ’em harassers, and he did not say that this is a horrendous problem. He said this is overblown. I mean, the news business is a flirty business."



11-30-2017, 04:53 PM
I hate to agree with Geraldo, but for once I agree with Geraldo. Flirting in the office was commonplace and the girls dished out as good as they got in the 70s. I think judging conduct from 40 years ago by today's witch hunt standards is wrong. I think I dated every bar maid and waitress in the bar I worked in back in 79. If they were hot :) I ain't apologizing to any of them either.

There are statutes of limitations. btw. I think when that is the case, like with Roy Moore, the purpose to do nothing more than kill someone's career.

Oh, and I don't like listening to Geraldo either.