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12-01-2017, 04:09 PM
"NFL to Purloin Money from Breast Cancer Research and Redirect It to Social Justice Cases in the Hood!"


"CALLER: I was a Cleveland fan and especially a Steeler fan, and I lost interest in Browns when Isaiah Crowell posted that head of a severed head of a police officer.

So I quit rooting for them at that point. But Iíve been a Steeler fan for a lot longer, and with all the garbage with people kneeling and everything?

Even if they were bribed into all standing from now on, I wonít watch NFL anymore. I thought it would be a lot harder than it actually is to not watch them, but I havenít watched a game this year except part of one on Thanksgiving when I was at someone elseís home and they had it on.

RUSH: Okay. So even if the players decided to no longer kneel, it wouldnít bring you back?
CALLER: No. Because I know how they really feel now.
RUSH: Right."

**** Get this! Now, we mentioned this to you. The NFL has offered somewhere between 90 and a hundred million dollars to causes in local communities that African-American NFL players care deeply about over 12 years. Ninety to a hundred million dollars over 12 years.
Itís $225,000 to this agency, $225,000 here, and it will take, I donít know, 10 or 12 years for the payouts to happen (long beyond when any of the players today are still playing, by the way).

>>>Whatís interesting about it is that the league got nothing for it! These are supposedly the smartest businessmen in the world. These are some of the craftiest negotiators in the world. They didnít even get a promise from the players to stop kneeling!

They didnít even make the offer to the full players union! They made the offer to a subset of players called the players initiative or some such thing, which is headed up by a guy from the 49ers and a guy from the Philadelphia Eagles, and thereís already discord in this group.

Anquan Boldin is part of the group. Thereís already discord in this group, and itís only about 40 or 50 players. But the NFL is gonna go ahead with this even though theyíre not getting anything for it.
They are hoping that this show of solidarity and support for social justice warrior cases will, in fact, inspire the players to stop protesting and stand for the anthem."



12-01-2017, 07:52 PM
I'm with this fan. I definitely don't feel for ANY of these players. Proves you can be rich and black and STILL want whitey to pay for your perceived problems; of which, no NFL players I'm aware of suffer. They seem to NOT live in downtown ANYWHERE.

Blame the cops because the bad guys are bad guys. Take it out on the military veterans by dishonoring a custom that is a salute to them.

Good fucking show. Next ....