View Full Version : Enough is enough

08-22-2007, 06:55 AM
I expect to have animosity on this board. I don't think we'll ever see full agreement between conservatives and liberals, at least not in my lifetime.

But the fighting I have witnessed on this board in the past few weeks has risen to a level I cannot accept. I'm no prude and I can handle all the trash talking in the world, and the vulgarity doesn't personally insult me - but this isn't about me. This is about DP and the community as a whole. My Mom reads this board, My Dad, friends, lots of respectful ladies & a daily selection of guests. The things I have read are enough to scare away even some of the most hardened debaters.

It stops now.

The stuff transpiring as of late is embarrassing to the board, which ultimately falls on my shoulders. I'm sorry I have allowed things to even go as far as they have.

Freedom of speech will still reign supreme and we'll always allow more than most political boards out there. But I will not sit by idly and watch the board go downhill because a handful of users hate one another.

If you post in a manner detrimental to the board, you'll be given some time away from the board. If you come back in the same manner, you'll be removed permanently. If the fact that I want to clean things up a bit upsets you it might be best for you to find another place to spend your time.