View Full Version : Staff change

09-03-2007, 09:52 AM
Effective immediately, I am no longer the "decision maker" around these parts anymore. I haven't got what it takes anymore to be an effective leader and feedback has shown me that the community is not satisfied with what I've brought to the table for everyone. I will remain around as owner, will foot the bills and handle any board maintenance related concerns to ensure the community continues forward.

Darin aka dmp is now lead administrator for the board. All questions, concerns & gripes should be brought to him via the board, preferably via PM. His decisions will be the top of the line and should be respected as leader of the community. MtnBiker is the other administrator who will work along with Darin to ensure the community is in good hands. And of course you can always reach out to Jeff or Abbey for assistance when needed.

Should I change my train of thought in the future I will surely let everyone know. I hold no ill will towards ANYONE and wish you all the best.