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09-04-2007, 12:30 AM
Okay folks - MANY of us long-time users are growing fed-up with the bull crap we see posted lately. As of now, blatant unproved flaming of another user (the moderator/admin reading will make the call) will result in a 48 hr ban. Subsequent flames by the same person will DOUBLE the ban:

First Unprovoked flame: 48hrs.
2nd: 96hrs
3rd: 192hrs
4th: 6 month ban.

Those of you worried about this policy are the only people who NEED to be. It's YOU who are dragging this board down; it's unhealthy for a board to operate this way.

Next -

Post-whoring. It exists.

Here's the absolute bottom line:

If somebody flames you - leave it alone; PM a mod/admin. We'll clear it up.

Ribbing, or a burn, or a razz - that's fine! If I call NM a post-whoring non-working slacker who spends hours a day online, when he SHOULD be working...that's fine. If I call him a "*$#$@-sucking M$#$#@!-f'er" (etc) out of the blue? that's a flame. That's uncalled for.

Free Speech still reigns - but just as we're all-for free-speech, we're going to be all-for people taking responsibility for what they say.

Any questions? Drop a PM.

Staff - check the admin forum for further guidance.

- Darin

09-04-2007, 08:43 AM
I'd like to add a few things...

I'm saddened to see that matters need to be addressed in this manner but Darin is doing the right thing. I've made multiple announcements and tried to settle things down by reaching out to the community and hoping cooler minds would prevail. Unfortunately, some seem to think the rules are just for show and tend to take advantage of the boards kindness in working with users to resolve issues instead of relying upon disciplinary action.

I love a board with good debates, and I don't even mind when the sarcasm comes out and everyone tries to one up the other. But my intent for a community was never to try to intimidate and/or scare away new members, or old members, who disagreed with your beliefs or points of view. No one has a right to be here more than the next guy/gal. The board will never flourish if the views are one sided, or if those with opposing viewpoints are intimidated into leaving. Anyone who has taken the time to get to know me knows what I'm talking about. I can get outright testy in my debating, but should the person I'm debating reach out to me via PM or email I do my best to treat them with respect and kindness, unless of course they don't return the courtesy. I give credit when it's due, even if it's to someone who I disagree with.

Also, allow me to give an idea of what is expected, or not expected, when it comes to so called "flaming".


1- Your debating skills suck
2- You have the mentality of one of those plastic things that hold a 6-pack together
3- You are clueless, and it's likely due to the lobotomy performed on you
4- Go eat a goats gonad on a kaiser roll
5- Please follow Adam Sandler's direction and do grammar school over again

Flaming, but sometimes funny and sarcastic. Obviously made up with no personal harm meant other than to have fun at the others expense. Freedom of speech is alive here and I don't want people walking on eggshells in order to post.


1- Bringing up a family members of another - in ANY capacity
2- Threatening physical harm on another
3- Plain 'ol vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity - "Go F&^% yourself you Fu&^%g C***.
4- Talk of pedophilia, bestiality or other illegal activities

I believe it's common sense as to what crosses the line and what doesn't. Some things are meant to be sarcastic or somewhat belittling while other things are intended to intimidate and/or threaten. While it may seem like a fine line to some, it's really not. When you switch over from flaming via anonymity and becoming overly personal - you have likely crossed the line.