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09-23-2007, 07:37 AM
I think James has been a great new addition to the board. He was apparently a martyr at another political board and has come here to grace us with his wisdom and humor. His posting style is certainly unique, and I must admit I crack up every time I see one of his posts! While he may seem a bit rough around the edges at times, all in all he is another fine member at DP. I've had the privilege of having some discussions with him via private message and he is a polite and respectful fellow!

So here we go with our first interview:

Sorry bout that,

Can you share with the board a little about yourself and your background?

Sure I was born in a large family, with three brothers and one sister, in North Texas, worked hard all my life, and now own many Companies, I own properties on both sides of the Planet, here in Texas, and there in the Philippines, where I have a business as well.

What brought you to Debate Policy?

Was told about this place from a DP reject, ViolaLee I think she was, I ran into the witch over at DF, where I eventually self banned, when they hired a Muslim mod team member.

What are your thoughts on the constant attacks between Republicans and Democrats?

I think its healthy, but they tend to go to far, and look like crazy people, which hurts the process more than anything.

Do you believe in same sex marriages?

Hell No!!!!!!!!!, wrong on so many levels!

It appears you have a dislike for Muslim ideology, can you share your thoughts?

*Its Pure Evil*, and my mission is to open eyes to it.

Who do you think will win the Democratic and Republican nominations respectively, and why?

I think the Democratic Party will put forward Hillary, which is fine by me, and the Republicans will put forward Fred, which is again fine by me, Fred will win.

Do you have any thoughts on the issue of illegal immigration?

*Build The Great Southern Wall, Like China's*

What would YOU do to improve the board as a whole?

This board seems like a great board, maybe we could do video blogs or something to that effect.