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09-23-2007, 06:58 PM
Gabby has been with us for quite awhile if you include her time with us at the previous board. She wasn't here initially when the new board started but ultimately found her way. She's quick to point out that the board is predominantly conservative, and she's correct! But that doesn't stop her from returning and giving her point of view from politics to current events to chat about how her day was. Hell, she even participates on occasion in the sports forum! While still young, she's obviously a very bright woman. She's educated and it shows in a lot of her posts, even if some disagree with the views she speaks. One not need a similar belief to see intelligence in another. She's another feisty one who isn't afraid to speak her true feelings. Truth be told, I'd rather people be themselves and speak their minds than have a board full of people typing words simply to agree with one another. While there has been tension in a lot of the threads she has participated in, I still consider her an asset to the board as she creates discussion from an alternative viewpoint and is not one to shy away from a debate.

Interview with gabosaurus:

Can you share with the board a little about yourself and your background?

I am a 23-year-old married grad student. I was raised to ask questions and not accept facts blindly. I want to know both sides of the issue. I truly believe in the adage "know your enemy." You have to know what the other person is thinking. I used to be a lot more radical than I am.

What brought you to Debate Policy?

I was on the previous incarnation of this board. I appreciate that it is comprised of a lot of intelligent and thoughtful people.

What are your thoughts on the constant attacks between Republicans and Democrats?

It's pointless, is it not? Same thing with "liberals vs. conservatives."

Do you believe in same sex marriages?

Sure. People are people. Does the Bible say it is wrong? Sure. But we are not exactly loving our neighbor either.

What are your thoughts on the issue between "MoveOn" and their ad about General Petraeus?

What exactly IS the issue? The fact that a leftist organization questioned a military leader? It's called "freedom of speech." The military hierarchy is not infallible. If it was, the U.S. would be a military junta. Or perhaps it already is.

Who do you think will win the Democratic and Republican nominations respectively, and why?

I think Barack Obama will win the Dem nomination. Hilary will self-destruct eventually. She is not electable. Haven't got a clue about the GOP. I think it will be a candidate that comes to the fore when the primary season begins. Everything now is merely posturing.

Do you have any thoughts on the issue of illegal immigration?

As a member of a family of immigrants, I know how it works inside. The problem will continue as long as government leaders are more concerned about getting elected than solving the problem. If we don't pressure Mexico and American companies, we lose. The 12 million or so immigrants are just pawns. They want to feed their families, just like you do. If the tree is rotted, you don't chop off individual branches. You get rid of the tree. Illegal immigration is like drugs. Deporting the users will not 't solve the problem. You need to get rid of the drugs.

What made you decide to be a "liberal"? Was there a specific instance that pushed you in that direction?

My parents are both 60's hippies. They met when both were arrested as the same Viet Nam war protest. At the same time, my dad's best friend served in Viet Nam. They respected each other's point of view. That is what my parents taught -- learn to see both sides. Most conservative people only see one side. It's all they want to see.

What are your thoughts on Iran, and their nuclear future, and how the world should approach the problem?

Iran is not the problem. Neither is North Korea. They are scapegoats. Neither has nuclear weapons. Look at India and Pakistan. They are mortal enemies who both have nuclear capability. They threaten each other constantly. But they never think of using nukes. Partially because of world pressure. But also because they know it would learn to global destruction.
Iran is a small country. It is NOT going to risk obliteration. This is a smokescreen.

What would YOU do to improve the board as a whole?

I would make sure that no one person is transformed into an infallible deity. You know who I am referring to. One staff person causes 95 percent of the trouble and antagonism on the board. Why not require major decisions to be agreed on by the entire staff. As opposed to letting one person run the board. Make the board more open. Right now, you have an extreme conservative slant. I get tired of seeing serious topics thrown in "humor" or the DP bird cage because the staffer doesn't agree with it. There are females on this board. Get rid of the sexist threads. It's like sports talk radio sometimes -- all male slant, all the time. Think with your brain, not your groin. I would love to see the "right vs. left, Dem vs GOP" arguments curtailed, but I know that will not happen. Primarily because there is too much slant toward the right. Get rid of the damn "rep" system. It's a popularity contest. And it is easily manipulated (and has been) by those with the power to manipulate.Members responses to interview questions will neither be tempered or censored. With that said, I would like to address the last answer by Gabby.

No one is infallible on my board, not even myself. I have made apologies at times and have admitted wrongdoing. Staff is held accountable for their actions as well. It very well may be that I have spoken to staff at times for actions I perceive can be done in a better fashion.

Decisions about the board ARE discussed and agreed upon by staff, especially actions that a staff member feels is deserving of discipline. While many accuse us of being biased an unfair, they very rarely see the entire picture. Many also feel that dmp or myself are hard headed and make rash decisions. Abbey is an outstanding moderator and completely capable of being fair and impartial, and gives her input amongst staff decisions. Jeff is about as impartial and understanding as they come. I am witness to him disagreeing with various staff members on occasion, and he's generally correct with his feedback. MtnBiker is also generally away from the "fray" and can be depended on for his valued input. He has shown over a very long time now to be extremely fair and patient with members. Jon is very new to the staff team but his input in all decisions are welcome.

Yes, the board is slanted towards conservatives right now, but not by design. Many "friends" who initially started here with me are conservative, and one of the best ways to get new members is via word of mouth, so it's not surprising that many of them referred some of their conservative friends. All advertising campaigns I do are MORE geared towards liberals and plenty towards politics in general. I know from experience that it takes members from ALL affiliations for a community such as this to be a success.

I can't explain why there are more male members than female. Women are more than welcome to join and participate here at DP. I don't ask our male members to make threads about "Women, sports or topics geared towards men", but I won't censor them from doing so either. I see most of it in good fun, but I won't allow porn or overly degrading material on the board. I'm a male but I have a huge amount of respect for women, and much for the ladies who are members here at DP.

The rep system is what it is. I imagine it will even itself out as the board grows and members with different viewpoints join the community. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the rep system is something to enjoy and have fun with but not meant to be taken too awfully seriously and shouldn't be used as a gauge to a members contribution to the board. I personally don't hold those with top reputations in higher esteem and I certainly don't look down upon those with red marks next to their name.