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09-28-2007, 10:36 AM
Mick joined us a few months back and I for one am pleased with his contribution to the board. I consider us lucky any time we have a veteran join the board and share their perspectives with us. Of course I enjoy his political views as admittedly the often align with mine, but I also enjoy reading his regular contributions to the board too. He's also a sports enthusiast like myself which is always cool but now we need to get him to root for a "real" NFL team! :)

Can you share with the board a little about yourself and your background?

I am a 43 y/o divorced male. The father of two very beautiful little girls ages 7 & 10. I was born in Queens, New York. Lived there until the 7th grade and then moved to the island. (Long Island for you non-New Yorkers) I joined the Marine Corps in 1982 and was medically separated in 1989. Hence, my screen name. I have settled in San Diego and presently work as an Operations manager for a major landscape company.

What brought you to Debate Policy?

I received an invitation while at MySpace.

What are your thoughts on the constant attacks between Republicans and Democrats?

I honestly think they, the attacks, are a charade. There is no discernable difference between the two parties.

Do you believe in same sex marriages?


What are your thoughts on the issue between "MoveOn" and their ad about General Petraeus?

I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.

Who do you think will win the Democratic and Republican nominations respectively, and why?

Hillary for the Dems, I’m not sure about the pubbies yet.

Do you have any thoughts on the issue of illegal immigration?

I belong to a border watch group. I think Mr. Bush has been derelict in his duties when it comes to this issue. The pubbies handling of this caused me to register as in Independent in June 2005 after 23 years as a Republican. Enough said?

What made you decide to be a "Conservative"? Was there a specific instance that pushed you in that direction?

It was during my time in the Corps. I was slightly liberal growing up, but as I picked up rank and became a leader of Marines I realized that if I thought with my heart that I would lead my troops to their death. I began to deal more in black and white and made decisions based on facts. I feel that conservatives base their opinions on logic tempered with emotion and liberal based their opinions on emotion tempered with logic.

What are your thoughts on Iran, and their nuclear future, and how the world should approach the issue?

Like this country, the problem lies with the government, not the people. I feel that if we do not do something soon, they will have a nuclear weapon. As for a global solution, It won’t work. There will always be countries like Russia and France that will make back door deals with them.

What would YOU do to improve the board as a whole?

Why change what works?

Abbey Marie
09-28-2007, 10:39 AM
Woohoo! Another member from the boroughs. :beer: