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11-12-2007, 05:20 PM
Kathianne has been a valued contributor to my boards for a very long time now. She has consistently participated in almost every section of the board. She is quite intelligent, not surprisingly considering she is a teacher, and I have learned quite a deal over the years from her posts alone. She has taken much criticism at times, even from myself, and almost always finds a way to conduct herself in a decent manner, which is why she has earned my respect.

She is one of the friendlier members of our board and is always there to welcome new members and engage everyone, regardless of their political beliefs, in the general chat area and have a good conversation.

Can you share with the board a little about yourself and your background?

I have 3, 20 something kids, all doing well. After spending the past 8 years or so caring for my parents, who I miss terribly, I am feeling that I finally have some time for myself. I'm enjoying that.

What brought you to Debate Policy?

Long time on old board and I like so many of the posters here. I spend most of my time at the top of the board, politics and war for the most part.

I know you're a teacher. How long have you been teaching and what subjects do you cover?

I never planned on becoming a teacher, but when I decided to get divorced I had to do something. Law school would have been too expensive and time consuming with 3 children, 12 and under. So already having degrees in sociology and political science it sort of made 'history' of a natural pick up, so I did. I've been teaching social studies for 9 years in middle school.

Who do you think will win the Democratic and Republican nominations respectively, and why?

Ah, I really haven't a good guess. A few months back, I thought the Dems had a lock on it, but not so much anymore. Which really says a lot, as I don't think the Republicans are thrilled with their choices, either.

Hillary Clinton, your thoughts?

I seriously try not to think of her.

It seems as if things are getting a little better in Iraq lately. Do you see the overall war as a success thus far, and do you see it as completely winnable?

Actually I think we are now 'winning' in Iraq, it's a lot better there. On the other hand, Afghanistan is becoming more and more of a problem which is not really being covered or addressed. I haven't a doubt that regardless of which party gains the White House, we will be in both countries for a long time.

Do you think illegal aliens should be granted drivers licenses?

Isn't it too weird that this would even be an issue? It gives oxymorons a bad name. I think the whole illegal alien problem is a sort of slavery issue, though better for those that are the workers, obviously. The system benefits a few wealthy owners at the moral and financial costs of the rest. Not good.

How do you think GW Bush will be remembered 50 years from now?

I think he'll have a very mixed record. I think he rose in stature following 9/11 in ways I couldn't have imagined on 9/10. The poor follow up on Iraq, after 'winning' so quickly, caused a loss of confidence regarding the entire war.

Then there has been the administration's Nixonion attitude towards the press, including a severe problem in communicating with the electorate, has caused untold damage to our political system. Also mixed domestically, did some very good and bad things.

Immigration and borders, he's one of the worst. Economy very good, at least at keeping taxes down enough to stave off recession. On the other hand, seems the spending and earmarks not being brought under control both of which are going to cause more problems down the road.

You've been on my boards for about 4 years now, do you hate me yet?

:laugh2: We did have a love/hate thing going, but I think we are pretty respectful of each other today.

What would YOU do to improve the board as a whole?

Actually I think recently things have improved greatly. I'm quite content with how things are going. I would like to see more posting on political issues rather than taunting between 'liberals' and 'conservatives' but that is a function of the posters, not anything you can really do about it.

11-15-2007, 05:46 PM
Geesh Kath...you are OLD!



people's "voice" sort of changes during these interviews. People seem to get more in-depth with answers and what-not. It's neat. :)