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11-14-2007, 04:58 PM
Here's the interview you've all been waiting for, the King of the board himself, OCA! I tried to have the questions a little more controversial, and maybe I failed a bit, but I promise to get better as I go along.

Once again, a member who has been with me for around 4 years. Love him or hate him, give him props for being true to himself. He's never wavered in the face of adversity and you always know what you're getting when you read his posts. Whether you choose to believe it or not, OCA is extremely intelligent. It's been lost a little lately amongst his flame wars, but he has spent considerable time in the past debating on just about every hot subject that has come along. We would probably have a few hundred more members by now but he has single handedly scared many away. :(

I've spoken to him on the phone quite a few times, and what you see here is just how he is on the phone! We were supposed to get together a few times but it never happened. I look forward to hanging with this crazy bastard one day, and hopefully we'll just enjoy some tequila together instead of getting arrested. :laugh2:

Tell us a little bit about OCA that we might not already know? You're married aren't you, so no longer a ladies man?

Yes I am married, got married in 1996, have 4 kids aged 11,9,6 and 20 months. I still love the ladies, always will but like a dieter i'm no longer allowed to eat rich foods but I still look at the desert cart daily.

What's with your disgust for the homosexuals?

As I've stated dozens of times on this board and USMB personally I don't hate homosexuals as in I'm not filled with personal hate towards the queer the person, I do hate the queer leadership and the media for the lies being foisted upon the populace about homosexuality. I won't go into those lies but suffice it to say I think everyone knows what I believe those lies to be. Personally I would not allow a person who has made the choice to live the queer lifestyle into my inner circle just as I would not allow a junkie in there, I believe they are the same as in there are inherent dangers involved in associating with both.

You seem to stand up for rights for illegal immigrants. Can you tell me why we should give any rights or concessions to those who already broke the law? As with the prior subject, homosexuals, where I think we shouldn't grant special rights to those with "problems", why should we grant special rights to illegals?

It isn't that I think that we should grant special rights to illegals its that I believe that as a fact the American economy is dependent on this source of labor, the grunts if you will, legal Americans have evolved beyond this and simply put the jobs still need to be done and if tomorrow suddenly POOF! all illegals were gone we would face job shortages, massive price spikes on every conceivable type of item from housing to produce. I also believe that it is impossible to find and deport all illegals despite the little feel good stories you here of twenty being caught here and there. Listen the big gripe is that they don't pay into the system they use, Bush tried to fix that, he was shot down because people like the status quo and having something to bitch about. Eventually America is going to bite the bullet and grant amnesty, probably during the upcoming Clinton administration, its inevitable and good for America.

Here's your chance to explain to the board your problem with a few of the members you have had problems with recently. In a decent manner, tell us what transpired with NevadaMedic and actsnoblemartin. Do you not feel you are "lowering" yourself by making statements about "rape" and statements about medical conditions of other members?

Ok here is my explanation on Acts and NM: First off my philosophy is PLAY TO WIN or else why play at all. In regards to NM he flooded the board at the beginning with inane thread after inane thread sometimes having as many as 300 posts a day, I and others politely asked him to chill a little which was met with a "go fuck yourself".....ok, game on. Still at that point I tried to exercise restraint but at some point, and I know I'm not alone in this, his post whoring became unbearable, he told me to go fuck myself one too many times and at that point I used whatever ammunition I had available.

In regards to Acts, he came out of the blue, I had no idea who this clown was, slamming me for ripping NM up, he said something about my family, I sat on that, I got some inside info about his condition, I plugged and hinted to him about it and finally he bit and.......WHAM! I reeled the fish in. Do I go around and make fun of the handicapped? Absolutely not. Do I use whatever I can once I've been wronged? Absolutely yes. Acts should take this as a learning experience.

In short I feel no remorse and do not feel I've lowered myself.

You've been on my boards for 4+ years now. Many seem to think you get favorable treatment, and even you yourself enjoy telling the board from time to time that you are "untouchable". Yet, with that said, you have been banned a few times, and were removed from staff. Do you think you get favorable treatment? And since you know I give you leeway as a long standing member, do you ever feel that you're taking advantage of my being loyal and nice to you?

Yeah from time to time I feel a twinge of remorse when I say I get favorable treatment but you know I'm a nose rubber, if thats the way people feel about the situation then I'm gonna play it up. In reality though I'll bet I've gotten reprimanding pm's more than any other member here, when I was a mod I had more decisions overturned than carter has pills, hell I got banned by Darin while I was a mod! :laugh2: I used to get daily scoldings from you dumbass brother not to mention you from time to time but you know I paid my dues, I spent a longtime on USMB simply debating before I let the real OCA run and thats the way I feel it should be for newbies. I think that even if you've been on a thousand different boards you still should have to earn your stripes when joining a new one, I don't think I'm alone in that sentiment.

If I recall correctly, you are completely against all racism. I guess I'm racist to an extent, but only due to the facts. I present issues sometimes about the population of black folks, and how the crime rate by blacks is way out of proportion. I believe they make up 12% of our population, but commit more crimes than the rest, and make up a large majority of our prison population. I know that not "all" blacks are reflected by these statistics, but with that said, I choose to live in a community with less blacks as a result. How do you feel about me making such a decision?

I've recently changed my position on the "Black thing". The facts simply did not support my view, while I know some highly intelligent, thoughtful and eloquent Blacks the majority are simply not this way, whether its genetic or learned behavior I don't know but there is no doubt that inside the Black community there are major problems, lifestyle problems that Blacks themseves must fix. I think you were wise to choose to live in a majority White area.

You were supposed to come to a party at my sisters house a few years ago. You drove 3 hours and were a few miles away. You called but no one answered. Sir Evil apparently accidentally gave you the wrong number. You sat on the side of the road for a few hours and then went back home. That still makes me laugh my ass off till this day! Your thoughts?

My thoughts on missing the party? I think your brother is a dumb motherfucker! :laugh2: Apparently by his own admission he gave me a cell# that was 1 digit wrong, the deal was I was supposed to get a hold of him as soon as I crossed the PA/NJ border on 78, I kept freakin dialing and told wrong# or some shit like that, I didn't know what to think. Got off of 278 somewhere and went to a bar and kept dialing then went home. I was also pissed at myself because I had Janeen's # too but forgot it at home. Eat shit for laughing at that! :finger3: Jokes on you though......Sandy......need I say more?

Do you truly believe you are the king of the board, and can't be beaten in a debate, whether a "real" debate or a flame war?

The king shit is my schtick, I know it gets some riled up although I think you will admit here as you have to me personally that if I ever get a bug up my ass and go back to the way it was two or 3 years ago that I can't be touched.........thats unarguable.

Your 49ers absolutely suck this year. I think that's funny as hell too. How do you feel about that?

Yes, the Niners eat monkey balls, so much promise for this year all gone to hell in a hand basket. Alex Smith? Shitcan that loser! The offensive line coach? 86 him. I would say wait till next year but that don't look good either. Doesn't matter, N.E. has the S.B. already wrapped up.

11-14-2007, 05:06 PM
IMO, this is the best interview yet. The "subject" is fascinating and questions were great. :beer: