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02-12-2007, 11:21 PM
PARADE’s 2007 List

1) Omar al-Bashir, Sudan

2) Kim Jong-il, North Korea

3) Sayyid Ali KhamEnei, Iran

4) Hu Jintao, China

5) King Abdullah, Saudi Arabia

6) Than Shwe, Burma (Myanmar)

7) Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe

8) Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan

9) Muammar al-Qaddafi, Libya

10) Bashar al-Assad, Syria

11) Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Equatorial Guinea

12) King Mswati III, Swaziland

13) Isayas Afewerki, Eritrea

14) Aleksandr Lukashenko, Belarus

15) Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan

16) Choummaly Sayasone, Laos

17) Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia

18) Hosni Mubarak, Egypt

19) Paul Biya, Cameroon

20) Vladimir Putin, Russia


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02-13-2007, 02:40 AM
And you know that everyone of them celebrated last November because they are all so concerned with what is best for America......right Jillian?

02-13-2007, 03:09 AM
lol @ Putin. Its not official but it is true isn't it.

02-15-2007, 01:34 PM
chevez is gonna be mad for being left off the list.

For thatmatter I didn't see any of the south american dictators on there. Even castro was left off. Or is this just the eastern version?

Hagbard Celine
02-15-2007, 01:45 PM
Robert Mugabe is a worthless monster who ruined Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe was known as the "breadbasket of Africa" and was going to transform the continent before him. Now it's only known for militias and starvation.

02-15-2007, 01:53 PM
I find it sad that anybody can draw up a list like this. The only thing that changes from year to year is some of the names.