I know the economy sucks and we all have to save what little we have, but I would also like to bring the board to another level if possible. Not only do I have to pay $30 monthly for hosting fees, and then the vB fees and registrar fees - perhaps the most important is advertising. Some is free, but quality sometimes costs a few dollars. We can't very well bring in new members if they aren't aware of the site to begin with. The best way is to advertise on Google, Yahoo & MSN, but this can get pricey awfully quick. Advertising on smaller blogs with a decent amount of readers is a great way. Advertising on non-political sites targeting certain age groups can bring some in. Then the best advertising of all can kick in - word of mouth.

Bottom line, I would like to make the site better, bigger & have more participation, from liberals and conservatives alike. An all around good board, less fighting and great debates. I would like to get one on one debates going if possible. I would like to make the board a little better in every regard that our members expect and/or would want.

Unfortunately, a lot of this requires expenses. I can spare some and have a few plans in mind, but if any of our members can assist we can all get there together.

Again, I would rather not receive donations from prior donaters, especially RSR who has donated more times than I can count. Whether you like me or not, like conservatives or not, like liberals or not - if you're posting here you are enjoying your time here or you wouldn't be back. I can make this better for ALL of you, but it will take a little time and a little funding.

So if you can spare $5-$10, and would like to see things start to pick up around here, please consider donating. I don't make a single penny from the board and NEVER keep a penny of donations. It ALL goes back into the board via fees, styles, upgrades and advertising.

I won't be heartbroken if nobody can spare it at this time and will still do my best to bring the community to the next level.